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The neighborhood of Ballard has a rich history centered on Puget Sound and its fishing industry. The first inhabitants of Ballard were the Shilshole tribe, who depended on the abundance of salmon for food. Later on many fishermen from Scandinavia immigrated to Ballard to become a part of the fishing industry, and brought with them lots of their culture. Ballard is still known for the rich Scandinavian culture of it’s past, and continues to celebrate it with museums and parades.

The area of Ballard condos for sale is now a metropolitan area filled with great shops and restaurants. It’s an excellent place for families; with various schools scattered throughout the area. Ballard is also wonderful for people who want to live in a place that’s full of culture. With many authentic ethnic food options and small music venues you can experience so much, without having to drive very far from home.

Ballard has a wonderful community feel to it, with lots of parks and playgrounds close by. Also, Ballard condos for sale offers many different options to live. From old fashioned Ballard condos for sale to more modern Ballard condos for sale; you’re sure to find someplace you will love to live in. Also Ballard condos for sale offer townhouses throughout the area. These are great if you don’t want to own a home and the convenience of the Homeowners association to maintain the exterior.  From Luxury condos to your basic condo Ballard condos for sale has it all. Find out why a condo makes a great first home.

Ballard condos for sale has a variety of options and Ballard is an amazing neighborhood. You can’t go wrong with moving here, the views alone are worth it. Looking out over the water and seeing the mountains make you feel close to nature, but Ballard also has a nice city feel to it. Ballard condos for sale will help you to find a great place to call your own; in a wonderful and cultural place like Ballard.

Types of Ballard Condos for Sale:

There are many types Ballard condos for sale in the neighborhood. Many around the city center are large, newer buildings that often feature amenities such as on-site gyms, nice outdoor community space in a courtyard or roof deck and even sometimes and pool and/or hot tub. There are also older condos that you will likely get more space but may have to watch out on upcoming building repairs and maintenance. There’s a lot to think about and know when looking at Ballard condos for sale and I’d love to offer my 20+ years of expertise to help you make a great home investment decision that you will be happy with for years to come. After you read more through the types of Ballard condos for sale, feel free to reach out to me through phone or email.

High Rise Condos – Ballard Condos for Sale

Many current renters may feel most comfortable with a newer, high rise condo as their first home. (Read here to find out if you are ready to go from renter to owner.) The buildings are very similar to other large apartment buildings in the area, with the only real difference being purely a legal one, that you are investing in something you own instead of throwing away your money. Since these buildings are larger and newer many offer a number of amenities, as spoken about above, and you won’t have to worry about costly home or building repairs or remodels for quite some time. Homeowners Association (HOA) Fees may sometimes be higher to cover the costs of maintaining the building and amenities but with that comes a little piece of mind. Also, you may find and enjoy nicer and more luxury finishes in these buildings if that’s something that is important to your home. Location is another big benefit to many of these as most of these Ballard condos for sale are located near the city center and a short walk to amazing restaurants, nightlife, coffee shops, boutiques and more.


Green Condos – Ballard Condos for Sale

Washington is a beautiful place to live and many people here are very environmentally conscious. ‘Green’ Condos are a newer addition to Ballard condos for sale and you can enjoy high style and living while being friendly to the environment. These buildings do their best to minimize natural resource consumption, use the latest Green technologies and still maximize living and quality of life. A number of them include energy efficient appliances,  bamboo hardwood flooring, large double-pain windows for lots of natural light to come in, outdoor living space for you to enjoy, radiant heat floors, energy saving switches and other programmable features. Some of these beautiful Ballard condos for sale even include special touches like locally made, recycled glass counter tops in the kitchen and so on. If being friendly to the environment and still having a place with great style and function is important for you, a Green Ballard condo for sale may just be your perfect new home.

Older Condos – Ballard Condos for Sale

The condos in Ballard that have been more previously loved also come with possible benefits. If you go with one of the older Ballard condos for sale, you will likely get more square footage for your money than the fancy newer condos. Also, depending on your tastes and the year the condo was built, you may find it needs some updates. Though remodels can take time and potentially be stressful they can also be quite wonderful because you get to design your home exactly to your tastes and in the process, it will likely increase your home’s value by more than you invested into the remodel. The older Ballard condos for sale are also likely in smaller buildings than the newer homes and so that could mean less neighbors and shared walls. The HOA fees may also be lower as these condos may not have the on site amenities of the newer buildings but you do want to watch out for buildings looking like they may need repairs soon and could do ‘special assessments’ to have you pay for them. I would love to help be your guide for choosing the right condo and make a smart home investment.

Townhome-style Condos – Ballard Condos for Sale

Some people don’t realize Ballard condos for sale exist that look like townhomes. The difference between a townhome and a townhome-style condo is that the condo gives the owner the feel of living in a more private townhome but without the responsibility of exterior maintenance. The HOA fees you will pay will go towards maintaining the property exterior just like other Ballard condos for sale. These can be a good option for someone wanting more space and privacy but less worries about exterior home maintenance.
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Around Ballard Condos for Sale:

Restaurants near Ballard Condos for Sale:

Well known Seattle restaurateurs like Renee Erickson and Ethan Stowell own restaurants in the heart of Ballard.  It’s also said the famous chef, Tom Douglas, even calls Ballard home. Ballard has definitely been making a name for itself on the Seattle foodie’s list. Here’s a few spots you should try after you are done looking through the Ballard condos for sale:

  • Un Bien (7302.5 15th Ave NW) – Small, brightly colored shack that’s known for its Caribbean sandwiches with roast pork on Macrina bread. Not much to look at but is constantly rated one of the very top food spots in all of Seattle. Give it a try and you can thank us later. The spot is a little off the main center of town and closer to some of the residential spots with Ballard condos for sale.
  • The Walrus & the Carpenter (4743 Ballard Ave NW) – Smaller and stylish restaurant by Renee Erickson specializing Oysters, other seafood and American plates.
  • Stoneburner (5214 Ballard Ave NW) – Mediterranean restaurant located in the Hotel Ballard
  • Barnacle (4743 Ballard Ave NW) – The menu changes daily at this restaurant and bar that serves amari, aperitifs, wine and new american small plates
  • Shiku Sushi (5310 Ballard Ave NW) – Contemporary and classic sushi and isakaya
  • Volterra (5411 Ballard Ave NW) – Upscale Italian cuisine
  • Staple & Fancy (4739 Ballard Ave NW) – Ethan Stowell Italian eatery with rotating menu and 4-course tasting option. Worth a visit after looking around at Ballard condos for sale.
  • Ballard Pizza Company (5107 Ballard Ave NW) – Cool, industrial space with New York Style pizza that is served whole or by the slice
  • Bastille Café & Bar (5307 Ballard Ave NW) – Stylish French restaurant with seasonal menu
  • Lil Woody’s (2040 NW Market St) – Independent burger joint with signature burgers like the ‘Fig and the Pig’ that is a grass fed beef burger, a scoop of Boat Street pickled figs, Hills Bacon, mayo, and crumbled blue cheese.
  • Picolinos (6415 32nd Ave NW) – Delicious Italian restaurant with a romantic feel, garden seating, espresso bar and bakery.
  • Rays Boat House (6049 Seaview Ave NW) – NW Seafood restaurant on the water with views of Shilshole Bay

When you make your search for Ballard condos for sale, the closer to downtown Ballard the better because it makes it walk-able to all these fabulous restaurants.

Farmers Market near the Ballard Condos for Sale: The Ballard Farmers Market began in 2000 and was the first year-round neighborhood market that sold produce only from Washington state farmers. It takes place every Sunday, from 10-3pm, on Ballard Ave NW, between 22nd Ave NW and Vernon Place NW.  Go check it out the finest high quality produce, food and beverage vendors. Yet another reason to love Ballard and to go search the Ballard condos for sale today.

Events near Ballard Condos for Sale:

Many exciting events are sprinkled throughout the year in Ballard and you might even stumble across one when out looking at the Ballard condos for sale. For the latest calendar of events, check out our Seattle Events Page, but here are a few of the bigger celebrations:

  • Syttende Mai Parade – Parade celebrates Norwegian Independence day and has been an annual tradition for the last 122 years! It is now one of the largest ethnic festivals in the US.
  • Seafood Fest – Annual summer tradition that started back in 1974. The free festival takes place in July and features live local music, arts, salmon BBQ, beer garden, skate event and lots of seafood. Definitely come check this out even if you don’t go with one of the Ballard condos for sale.
  • Macefield Music Festival – October music festival with multiple stages and venues to hear local and bigger name talent.

Bars & Live Music Venues near Ballard Condos for Sale:

While at times there can be a shortage of Ballard Condos for sale, there is no shortage of nightlife in Ballard. Here are a few of the popular spots:

  • The Sunset – Features a bar, Bettys, in the front with an old school photo booth and small music venue in the back. Worth a trip to check out even if you don’t go with one of the Ballard condos for sale.
  • Tractor Tavern – Popular music venue and bar for local bands and some bigger names too
  • Lock & Keel Tavern – Occasional music venue and bar with a divey feel
  • Olaf’s – A little off the main strip but this bar has food, drinks and lots of pinball
  • Kings Hardware – Head here for a little Skee Ball with your drinks
  • Hazelwood – Cozy spot with delicious drinks
  • Hotel Albatross – An eclectic spot including tropical cocktails, Korean and Mexican food
  • Ballard Station Public House – Triva night, shuffleboard, darts, good variety of beers

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Searching Ballard Condos for sale and wondering how to go about buying a home in Seattle WA?  It’s important you understand the home buying process in Seattle WA but also how to truly find your dream home.  The above should provide helpful information about Ballard Condos for sale but if you haven’t hired a top real estate agent in Seattle WA yet to assist you with your home search, contact me, and I’d love to discuss your real estate needs further!

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