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Ballard is a lovely little community and neighborhood located in the Northwestern part of Seattle. It attracts singles and families alike. It’s grown a lot in the recent years and attracted new life and business to the area. For those familiar with New York, some have related it to being Seattle’s Brooklyn. For those not familiar, Brooklyn is New York’s most popular borough that is now some of the most expensive real estate in the country, even demanding higher prices over Manhattan.

Ballard, like Brooklyn, is very walk-able, with delicious restaurants, stylish shops, a thriving art scene, great night life with multiple intimate live music venue, low crime, great schools and so much more. When looking at the Ballard homes for sale, it’s also important to know the population has grown 10.3% since 2000 and 3.3% since 2010 alone, now with 167,000 residents calling Ballard home.

History around Ballard homes for sale:

From 1890–1907, Ballard was actually its own city, which is a big part of why the city center area is so large for a neighborhood. In 1890, there was 1500 residents which grew to 17,000 in 1907. Like many other towns during the time they faced issues with a proper water supply and sewer system to accommodate the rapidly growing city. Eventually this lead to becoming part of Seattle to make sure the resident’s basic needs were being met. It was on May 29th, 1907 that Ballard officially became part of Seattle.

Historically Ballard homes for sale has been the center of Seattle’s Seafaring Scandinavian community, who were originally drawn to the area because of the opportunities in salmon fishing. Years ago, late night sketch show ‘Almost Live’ gave the neighborhood its unofficial slogan, “Uff da”, making fun of its Scandinavian culture. In recent years with the decline of the fishing industry, and the addition of many new Ballard homes for sale, new condos, apartment buildings and other types of Ballard homes for sale, the Scandinavian population proportion has decreased some but the neighborhood is still very proud of its heritage. If you would like to see all the Ballard homes for sale be sure to scroll to the end of the review.  The heritage shows this partially through its Nordic Heritage Museum and Scandinavian organizations like the Sons of Norway and Norwegian Ladies Chorus of Seattle. Some of these organizations put on special events and festivals throughout the year to celebrate both the community of Ballard and the local Scandinavian history.

Ballard homes for sale has always been one of the top places to live in the Seattle area and if you find your home here you’ll want to know what type of buying inspection you should get.  Ballard homes for sale demands a high price because of its location to downtown and easy access to Aurora and I-5.  This history is what attracts many people to Ballard homes for sale and the community feel.  The business district is very strong and fun to go grab a drink or have some food and enjoy the evening.  This area is one of the top 10 areas in Seattle so don’t miss out on Ballard homes for sale to see if this is the community for you.

Here are some pictures of Ballard homes for sale:

What's Nearby Ballard Homes for Sale?

Anything and Everything

Landmarks near Ballard homes for sale:

Ballard hosts many landmarks that you’ll enjoy frequenting. Some of the top spots include:

  • Ballard Locks – Officially known as the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, the Ballard Locks is one of Seattle’s most popular tourist attractions, especially during the sunny months. The grounds also feature a fish ladder and the Carl S. English Jr. Botanical Garden — one of the most beautiful park settings in Seattle. It’s been around since 1917 and provides a link between Lake Union and Lake Washington. If you havent been, this is a fun place to stop after looking at Ballard homes for sale.
  • Shilshole Bay Marina – Premier sailing center in the PNW, featuring 1400+ slips serving kayaks to super yachts.
  • Nordic Heritage Museum – Founded in 1980 and dedicated to the heritage of Seattle’s Nordic immigrants, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish Americans.
  • Golden Gardens Park – Public park that includes beaches, hiking trails, picnic and playground areas, and wetlands.

Types of Ballard homes for sale: You will find many types of Ballard homes for sale. Most of the construction was done between the 1920s-1950s and typically are 1 story homes with a basement and many having 3 bedrooms. Ballard homes for sale have styles that are mostly craftsman, bungalow, and tudors but recently there has been a number of older homes being torn down to add in new modern construction. Ballard homes for sale also have condos and townhouses which are mostly south of 65th street with the majority of new condo building in the downtown area of Ballard.  Condos can make great first homes and then as your finances and/or family grows, you can move into your larger dream house in your same neighborhood.  Be sure to check out Ballard homes for sale to see all the different homes.  You might want also want to view Ballard Condos for sale.  Many also downsize to this location because it gives a feeling of downtown and walk-ability without being in the super busy downtown Seattle. Also, it’s notable that people living south of 85th street generally refer to their area as ‘Ballard’ even though technically it is ‘Loyal Heights’ or ‘Whittier Heights’ when you get north of 65th street.

This is a typical condo building in Ballard homes for sale.  Large complexes with great amenities.


Bordering neighborhoods close to Ballard homes for sale:

Ballard homes for sale is just one of the lovely communities in the area and is surrounded by many great neighborhoods that feature things like the Woodland Park Zoo, PNW beaches, art communities, beautiful parks, and exciting events. When searching through Ballard homes for sale, if you have any difficulty finding Ballard homes for sale, you might also want to check out these close communities.

  • Greenwood, Phinney Ridge, and Fremont
  • Shilshole Bay to the west – Premier sailing center in the PNW, featuring 1400+ slips serving kayaks to super yachts.
  • Lake Washington Ship Canal – runs through the city of Seattle, Washington, connects the fresh water body of Lake Washington with the salt water inland sea of Puget Sound.

Restaurants near Ballard homes for sale:

Well known Seattle restaurateurs like Renee Erickson and Ethan Stowell own restaurants in the heart of Ballard.  It’s also said the famous chef, Tom Douglas, even calls Ballard home. Ballard has definitely been making a name for itself on the Seattle foodie’s list. Here’s a few spots you should try after you are done looking through the Ballard homes for sale:

  • Un Bien (7302.5 15th Ave NW) – Small, brightly colored shack that’s known for its Caribbean sandwiches with roast pork on Macrina bread. Not much to look at but is constantly rated one of the very top food spots in all of Seattle. Give it a try and you can thank us later. The spot is a little off the main center of town and closer to some of the residential spots with Ballard homes for sale.
  • The Walrus & the Carpenter (4743 Ballard Ave NW) – Smaller and stylish restaurant by Renee Erickson specializing Oysters, other seafood and American plates. Reservations recommended.
  • Stoneburner (5214 Ballard Ave NW) – Mediterranean restaurant located in the Hotel Ballard
  • Chippy’s Fish and Drink (4741 Ballard Ave NW) – Ethan Stowell restaurant featuring delicious seafood and recently got a revamped menu. Reservations recommended.
  • Barnacle (4743 Ballard Ave NW) – The menu changes daily at this restaurant and bar that serves amari, aperitifs, wine and new american small plates
  • Shiku Sushi (5310 Ballard Ave NW) – Contemporary and classic sushi and isakaya
  • Volterra (5411 Ballard Ave NW) – Upscale Italian cuisine
  • Staple & Fancy (4739 Ballard Ave NW) – Ethan Stowell Italian eatery with rotating menu and 4-course tasting option
  • Ballard Pizza Company (5107 Ballard Ave NW) – Cool, industrial space with New York Style pizza that is served whole or by the slice
  • Bastille Café & Bar (5307 Ballard Ave NW) – Stylish French restaurant with seasonal menu
  • Lil Woody’s (2040 NW Market St) – Independent burger joint with signature burgers like the ‘Fig and the Pig’ that is a grass fed beef burger, a scoop of Boat Street pickled figs, Hills Bacon, mayo, and crumbled blue cheese.
  • Picolinos (6415 32nd Ave NW) – Delicious Italian restaurant with a romantic feel, garden seating, espresso bar and bakery.
  • Rays Boat House (6049 Seaview Ave NW) – NW Seafood restaurant on the water with views of Shilshole Bay
  • Anthony’s Home Port (6135 Seaview Ave NW) – PNW based seafood chain restaurant on the water, serving local catches.

When you make your search for Ballard homes for sale, the closer to downtown Ballard the better because it makes it walk-able to all these fabulous restaurants.

Farmers Market near the Ballard homes for sale: The Ballard Farmers Market began in 2000 and was the first year-round neighborhood market that sold produce only from Washington state farmers. It takes place every Sunday, from 10-3pm, on Ballard Ave NW, between 22nd Ave NW and Vernon Place NW. The only days of the year they take off are if Christmas or New Year’s Day fall on a Sunday. Go check it out the finest high quality produce, food and beverage vendors. Yet another reason to love Ballard and to go search the Ballard homes for sale today.

What's Happening Around Town?

Events near Ballard homes for sale:

Many exciting events are sprinkled throughout the year in Ballard and you might even stumble across one when out looking at the Ballard homes for sale. For the latest calendar of events, check out our Seattle Events Page, but here are a few of the bigger celebrations:

  • Syttende Mai Parade – Parade celebrates Norwegian Independence day and has been an annual tradition for the last 122 years! It is now one of the largest ethnic festivals in the United States.
  • Seafood Fest – Is an annual summer tradition that started back in 1974. The free festival takes place in July and features live local music, arts, salmon BBQ, beer garden, skate event and lots of seafood. It brings in over 65,000 people to the event.
  • Macefield Music Festival – October music festival with multiple stages and venues to hear local and bigger name talent.

Bars & Live Music Venues near Ballard homes for sale:

While at times there can be a shortage of Ballard homes for sale, there is no shortage of nightlife in Ballard. Here are a few of the popular spots that you can grab a drink at or listen to some live music:

  • The Sunset – Features a bar, Bettys, in the front with an old school photo booth and small music venue in the back
  • Tractor Tavern – Popular music venue and bar for local bands and some bigger names too
  • Lock & Keel Tavern – Occasional music venue and bar with a divey feel
  • Olaf’s – A little off the main strip but this bar has food, drinks and lots of pinball
  • Kings Hardware – Head here for a little Skee Ball with your drinks
  • Hazelwood – Cozy spot with delicious drinks
  • Hotel Albatross – An eclectic spot including tropical cocktails, Korean and Mexican food
  • Ballard Station Public House – Triva night, shuffleboard, darts, good variety of beers

Here in Ballard homes for sale is the Carnegie Library building and now a place for businesses since the Ballard Library has moved.  It is a beautiful piece of architecture.

Ballard_homes_for_sale (3)

Sweets around Ballard homes for sale:

If you have a sweet-tooth, Ballard does not disappoint and offers an array of dessert shops. Here are a few noteworthy ones to swing by when checking out Ballard homes for sale:

  • Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery – Classic American comfort desserts and other original innovation confections
  • Cupcake Royale – Yummy cupcakes, Verite coffee and ice cream in a cute atmosphere
  • Full Tilt Ice Cream – Delicious ice cream with arcade that stays open ‘til at least 11pm every day
  • Sweet Mickey’s – Candy shop located on 57th street that also has fresh fudge and ice cream
  • Pie Bar Ballard – Sweet and savory pies with a well-stocked bar
  • D’Ambrosio Gelato – Gelato shop open ‘til 10pm or midnight on Friday and Saturday
  • Larsen’s Danish Bakery – Bakery that’s been around 40 years with Scandinavian treats a bit north of the main center of town, closer to some of the Ballard homes for sale.
  • Mighty-Os – Tasty donuts made from scratch with certified organic ingredients
  • Top Pot – One of the many locations of this popular donut chain in Seattle

Parks near Ballard homes for sale:

You might notice when looking around at Ballard homes for sale that Ballard has a long list of parks. Golden Gardens, mentioned earlier, is the most popular and draws crowds in the warmer weather seasons but there are many great parks to enjoy throughout the year. According to Yelp, the top 7 parks in Ballard are:

  1. Golden Gardens Park – 8498 Seaview Pl NW (North Beach, Ballard)
  2. Salmon Bay Park – 2001 NW Canoe Pl (Loyal Heights, Ballard)
  3. Sunset Hill Park – 7531 34th Ave NW (Sunset Hill, Ballard)
  4. Ballard Commons Park – 5701 22nd Ave NW (Ballard)
  5. Kirke Park – 7028 9th Ave NW (Phinney Ridge, Ballard)
  6. Ballard Corners Park – 6299 17th Ave NW
  7. Bergen Place – 5420 22nd Ave NW

You can’t go far without people enjoying their dogs and dog parks are important to people who buy Ballard homes for sale.  It is located in Golden Gardens park in the northwest section of Ballard homes for sale.

Schools around Ballard homes for sale:

Do you have children or might in the future? If so, you will want to keep school in mind when searching Ballard homes for sale. Ballard has great private and public schools, including: Adams Elementary School, Loyal Heights Elementary School, Whittier Elementary School, Crown Hill Preschool, St. Alphonsus Parish School, Whitman Middle School, Salmon Bay k-8 School, Ballard High School and Matheia School.

Churches close to the Ballard homes for sale:

When considering one of the Ballard homes for sale, you might be interested to know that Ballard has a large number of little churches. This is because at one point in time, every bar that went into the community, a church also had to be put in. Here is a small sampling of the churches in the area:

  • Ballard Church
  • Quest Church
  • Westside Church
  • Interfaith Church & School
  • Ballard Baptist Church
  • Ballard First Lutheran Church
  • Luke’s Episcopal
  • United Evangelical Free Church
  • Kadampa Meditation Center

Other resources to check out while looking at Ballard homes for sale:

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Searching Ballard homes for sale and wondering how to go about buying a home in Seattle WA?  It’s important you understand the home buying process in Seattle WA but also how to truly find your dream home.  The above should provide helpful information but if you haven’t hired a top real estate agent in Seattle WA yet to assist you with your home search, contact me, and I’d love to discuss your real estate needs further!

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