Broadview Condos for sale

Broadview condos for sale are a wonderful spot to reside in Seattle. The residential community is located in the northwest area of Seattle. While the area of Broadview condos for sale is mainly residential, it also is home to the beautiful beach park of Carkeek Park, which is a favorite of Seattle locals. The 220 acre park features a watershed and forest that have got lots of hiking trails for the adventure lovers. Located between Crown Hill and Broadview condos for sale, this lovely park also has a large lawn space, big play area with fun slides for the kids, while you can relax at the beach.

The area of Broadview condos for sale is also quite safe and will get you more for your money than if you were looking closer to downtown Seattle. If you like to enjoy a little more peace and quiet, this might be the perfect area for you. While there are not generally a lot of Broadview condos for sale that stay on the market long, when you find one, you might want to take quick action. If this is your first time buying a home, be sure to check out our First Time Home Buyers Webinar so that you can be aware of how the process and timeline works. Then when you come across that perfect home, you will be ready to jump on it before it disappears with another buyer.

If there’s nothing that’s catching your eye currently in Broadview condos for sale, check out the nearby Ballard homes for sale and Maple Leaf homes for sale.

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