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Green Lake homes for sale is located in north central Seattle and is nestled around a small freshwater lake after which it gets its name. This Green Lake neighborhood that is north of downtown Seattle, Washington is a small area with Northgate to its North, Freemont and Wallingford to the South, Maple Leaf to its East and Phinney Ridge to its West. It is a thriving community with a lot of outdoor enthusiasts utilizing the full recreational possibilities surrounding the lake and park that this neighborhood has to offer. By seeing Green Lake Homes for sale you will see that walking distances to the lake is at a premium.  With immense re-development in this area over the last decade or so, there are many options when it comes to Green Lake Homes for sale in and around. Green Lake homes for sale has myriad of residential options, lush surroundings, great small businesses and is a well sought after residential location for many. Be sure to check out Green Lake homes for sale at the bottom of this article and you will see all the different verities of homes.  So, if you are looking to buy a property around Seattle, Green Lake homes for sale must be one of your top searched options. Also, check out this linked article, if you’re looking to sell your Seattle home to be able to move to one of the Green Lake homes for sale. Now, let’s go through all that this beautiful neighborhood has to offer.

History – Green Lake Homes for Sale

It is said that in 1855, while surveying the area for US Surveyor General, David Phillips referred to the area as ‘Lake Green’, probably because of the green algae growing in the lake waters. The early settlers who moved in this Green lake homes for sale region to find a peaceful retreat from the noisy humdrum of downtown named the area commemorating David Phillips. Gradually, developments took place and this area had a small settlement by early 1900s surrounding the lake and park which was designed and developed by Olmstead brothers (In 1905). Over the years, Green Lake homes for sale became one of the hot spots for water sports and outdoor recreational activities and saw a steady rise in popularity and soon became a busy suburb which was within reach from downtown Seattle but still peaceful and serene in its own way. Today, with a well-designed locality catering to all the necessities within reach, Green Lake homes for sale is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Seattle.

Here are some great pictures of places within Green Lake homes for sale:

Around the Area:

Landmarks – Green Lake Homes for Sale

The most prominent landmarks in the Green Lake area for Green Lake Homes for sale are naturally the freshwater lake and the green park surrounding which the neighborhood thrives. Other than these, the Green Lake Library and the Green Lake Aqua Theater are also must visit landmarks if you are travelling or residing in the area.

  • Green Lake –The central lake which is the main attraction of this Green Lake homes for sale neighborhood is spun around an area of 260 acres and is host to a wide variety of recreation and sports. This freshwater lake is mostly fed by rain, storms and the municipal water supply. The 30 foot deep lake faces a common algae growth spurt which gives the lake a greenish color and hence aptly justifies its name. The lake is surrounded by two well-paved trails which are used for walking, jogging and skating by the outdoor enthusiasts. The outer crushed granite trail is around 3.2 miles in length and the inner asphalt trail is around 2.8 miles in length. During summertime, swimming or boating in the lake water is quite common, although the swimmer’s itch from the algae might be a hindrance. Although motor boats have been banned in the lake, canoes, and paddle-boats among other motor-less boats can be seen frequently.  Wouldn’t it be great to have this close to your home so if you are interested in this fantastic amenity then be sure to look at Green Lake homes for sale.

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  • Green Lake Park-The beautifully designed and maintained Green Lake Park surrounding the central lake has its own charm and calling. The paved trails in the park surrounding the lake is a hot spot for people seeking exercise as well as relaxation and can be quite crowded on certain days. The lush green park is also center for a number of sports and activities like baseball, soccer, golf etc. You might also find people practicing or participating in qigong classes or hockey. The park is mostly developed on fill lands and connects to the famous woodland park on its southwest corner. Locations around the park are a prime plus point for Green Lake homes for sale.
  • Green Lake Aqua Theatre-An outdoor theatre built in 1950; the Green Lake aqua theatre was one of its kinds and had a floating stage in the extended area of the main lake. August 11, 1950 saw the first performance in this theatre by Aqua Follies in the Summer Fair Festival. It had a floating orchestral pit and a round stage with high platforms for diving. With a crowd capacity of 5,600 seats in a grandstand shaped like a fan, a moat one of its kind venue setting, it was quite a popular venue for a few decades. In a concert in the summer of 1969, the grandstand was found faulty and unsafe because of poor maintenance and soon after in 1970, the theatre was dismantled. It was re-furbished and currently a craft center stands where the audience gallery was. One side of the stage area acts as a public pier over the lake and the other side is reserved for rowing crew shells.
  • Green lake Library-The first model of the Green Lake library opened its doors to public in early 1905 which was nothing more than just a room on the central lake’s east side. Soon, after a generous donation by Andrew Carnegie and with extended support of the residents and city, the public library was remodeled and opened in 1910. The new design and development done by W. Marbury Somervell and Joseph S. Coté was much more spacious, had intricately carved interiors and was much better as an establishment for a public library. Over the years the Green Lake Library in Green Lake homes for sale has been renovated and refurbished quite a number of times and the library building is one of the most eminent landmarks in the area. Take a minute from looking at Green Lake homes for sale and check out this gem.  One of the great things about Green Lake home sale is being able to walk to this great library.

Schools – Green Lake Homes for Sale

Green Lake homes for sale caters to student life and has a number of options for school goers be it elementary or high school. Choosing a Green Lake homes for sale for your residence comes with certain necessary things on the list and if you have a family with a young one, choosing a good school in the neighborhood is one of the most primary concerns. Green Lake Elementary school and Daniel Bagley elementary schools can be good choices. Billings middle school, Bishop Blanchet High School, Roosevelt High School and John Marshall Alternative High School cater to all standard educational practices and facilities. Therefore, if you have a school goer in your family, then you might want to look up the area around these when searching for Green Lake homes for sale. If you don’t have a spouse or children currently, make sure to check out our tips for those on a solo home hunt.

Churches – Green Lake Homes for Sale

The Green Lake neighborhood has a couple of churches within the Green Lake homes for sale area and is easily accessible for everyone. A church is a place you would want to feel very welcome despite being amidst all the new faces and people. The Green Lake church or the Bethany Community Church are both very well-known. You can visit these for Sunday prayers or community services. Along with teaching, choir practices and very convenient transportation and parking facilities, it is ensured that church goers don’t face any kind of hassle and are at ease.

Transportation – Green Lake Homes for Sale

Most of the localities, shops and other necessities are within walking distances withing Green Lake homes for sale, although there are bus services around this part of Seattle and is also well connected by the King County Metro Transit. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to buy Green Lake homes for sale that are away from the hustle of downtown Seattle, away from all the noise and crowd, but still within reach from all necessary access points, you should probably be already looking up Green Lake homes for sale by now.  To understand Green Lake homes for sale the closer you are to the lake the harder it is to park on the street so off street parking is a must on warming sunny days because the crowds are out.


Things to do and see:

Restaurants – Green Lake Homes for Sale

Take a food break from looking at Green Lake homes for sale. From small eatery joints, to cafes and fine dine experiences, Green Lake homes for sale area is a host to a horde of eating options catering to the taste and liking of anyone and everyone. Whether you are eating out alone or in a group, there are multiple options with multiple cuisine choices well suited to anyone’s fancy.  Green Lake neighborhood has all kinds of establishments for every kind of experience. Remember when looking at Green Lake homes for sale these restuarants are all walkable and make it really convenient when strolling around your neighborhood.  Neil’s, Spud’s fish n chips, Pete’s coffee and tea, Butcher and the baker, Wayward café, Café Bonjour, Jodie’s Dessert, Rosita’s Mexican Grill are among many other popular restaurants around Green Lake area. Kisaku is a famous Japanese restaurant quite famous for its sushi. Beth’s Café is another local classic which has been covered time and again by travel channels and magazines for their specialty all day breakfast including 6 egg and 12 egg omelets. With happening taverns like Latona pub for a vivid range of breweries and sea food at the quiet and cozy Bluewater bistro with your loved ones, the culinary options in Green Lake homes for sale neighborhood are definitely unavoidable.

In and Around Green Lake Homes for Sale

  • Woodland Park Zoo – The Green Lake Park extends into the woodland park, which is another popular tourist attraction credit to the zoo that spreads across 92 acres covering the western side of Woodland Park. Woodland Park Zoo is quite famous and is home to over a thousand species of animals and birds. It has won multiple awards for its exhibits and is also celebrated for its immersion exhibit which was the first of its kind when it first started. The Woodland Park Zoo hosts a number of unique and innovative exhibits which justifies its ever growing popularity. As of latest studies conducted around 2010, this zoo was noted for around 1100 animal specimens from over 300 animal species, over 1000 plant species, 35 endangered species and 5 threatened animal species on the verge of extinction.
  • Green Lake Golf Course – Built near the south end of the lake, the well-noted golf course is strictly for pitching and putting and is a 9-hole par three course. Open from March through October, the Green Lake Golf Course is widely popular among golf lovers and also caters to a horde of fun activities and golf games for individuals and families which are very affordable and pocket friendly.

Night Life – Green Lake Homes for Sale

There are quite a few pubs and bars for the party animals in Green Lake. Some of these are loud, hip and happening whereas some are more quaint, classy or cozy. Some host live bands and some have dedicated dance floors. But since the neighborhood is more like a quiet retreat from downtown chaos, there is nothing extravagantly wild and loud around here. If you are looking for a refreshing evening to rejuvenate with some drinks, music and friends, it is the perfect place for you to be. By the way, no matter which type of fun you look during the nights, you will certainly find a place in Green Lake homes for sale area to enjoy to the fullest.
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Real Estate– Green Lake Homes for Sale

With steady influx of more and more people settling in this area, Green Lake homes for sale has many options when it comes to real estate. From apartments, condos, bungalow and craftsman homes these homes are a wonderful choice.  Green Lake Homes for sale also offer single-family homes to large mansions and townhouse residences.  Buyers of Green Lake homes for sale have a variety of options and establishments to choose from when it comes to wonderful homes for any budget.  Be sure to search Green Lake homes for sale at the bottom of this article to see the options and prices.  Green Lake homes for sale is one of the top neighborhoods in Seattle and is a place people come from all over to visit.  Location is the name of the game when it comes to real estate and Green Lake homes for sale is it.

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Searching Green Lake homes for sale and wondering how to go about buying a home in Seattle WA?  It’s important you understand the home buying process in Seattle WA but also how to truly find your dream home.  The above should provide helpful information in looking at Green Lake homes for sale but if you haven’t hired a top real estate agent in Seattle WA yet to assist you with your home search, contact me, and I’d love to discuss your real estate needs further!

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