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Location – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

Maple Leaf is predominantly a residential neighborhood in northeast Seattle. Although Seattle’s neighborhood boundaries remain unofficial, Maple Leaf is located between Interstate5 in the west, and Lake City Way (State Route 522) in the east. The neighborhood extends north to as far as Northgate Way and south to as far as NE 75th Street.

Maple Leaf is bordered by the Roosevelt neighborhood to the south, Victory Heights and Pinehurst neighborhoods (Northgate district) to the north, Wedgwood and Lake City neighborhoods to the east and Licton Springs or North College Park neighborhood to the west. Maple Leaf’s highest point is located on 92nd Street. The area is 466-feet above sea level which makes it the 3rd highest point in the entire Seattle area and makes Maple Leaf homes for sale more desirable to some. Another desirable neighborhood of Seattle with some of the homes high above sea level (and some with spectacular views), visit Queen Anne homes for sale or to view homes near by the Maple Leaf community, check out Northgate Homes for sale, Phinney Ridge Homes for sale, and Greenwood homes for sale. 

History – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

Present day Maple Leaf dates back to the 1890’s. Maple Leaf first appeared on maps back in 1894 as a plat (proposed site for construction) by real estate promoters and developers. Since the beginning, Maple Leaf homes for sale have always been a popular real estate haven in Seattle.

At the time, however, the area was known as Maple leaf Addition to the Green Lake Tract, a name believed to have come from a Maple Saw Mill which operated east of Lake Washington. There are however other stories about how the name came about. For instance, there is an apocryphal story that the area got its name because of its proximity to Canada. Maple leaf was so far north when people started settling in Seattle, some people actually thought it was Canada. Maple Leaf is also believed to have gotten its name from maple trees which once grew in and around the area.

It wasn’t until the end of World War II that Maple Leaf was within Seattle city limits. Before 1950, the Seattle city line reached 85th Street. The city line, however, moved to 145th Street after a number of annexations. To this day, the city limits remain the same. Although Maple Leaf appeared as a dream/vision by real estate developers initially, the area which is located north-east of Green Lake, experienced slow growth in the first few decades after establishment.

Maple Leaf homes for sale saw significant changes from 1950 to year 2000. The area experienced a housing boom becoming one of the most stable and popular Seattle real estate markets for middle-class families. There are plenty of great Maple leaf homes for sale today. In the year 2001, the Maple Leaf area was bounded by; Lake City Way-NE, Interstate-5, and Northgate Way forming a rough triangle.

The Maple Leaf School District was organized in 1907 by the first residents of the area. Five years later (in 1912), the Maple Leaf Reservoir was built by Seattle’s Water Department to offer clean drinking water to Maple Leaf residents. The area remained quiet for decades somewhat isolated from Seattle by geography and politics.

Maple Leaf’s first major shopping center was opened in 1950 by Northgate and if you are into vintage decor check out the Top Seattle Vintage Stores for Home Decor.

One of the most popular elementary schools in Maple Leaf is Sacajawea School. The school was started in 1955. Initially, the entire school was composed of 9 portable buildings. Permanent structures were later constructed and officially opened in 1959. Two years later, the school’s enrollment skyrocketed to over 400 students. The area bordering the school on the south (including the street) became known as Sacajawea Playfield in 1971.

Maple Leaf was slow as a community initially, unlike how Maple Leaf homes for sale are now. The Maple Leaf community became active after the formation of the Maple Leaf Community Council in 1983. Before then, Maple Leaf experienced slow progress in regards to lobbying for electric service to boulevards and parks. After 1983 however, Maple Leaf experienced faster progress in regards to improving services and all this was done without compromising the sense of community. The Maple Leaf community has remained extremely cooperative with government, business as well as other neighborhoods to date but never loses track of the interests of residents and neighborhoods.

Landmarks & Attractions

Maple Leaf has a number of landmarks and attractions. The most notable include:

Maple Leaf water tower – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

Maple Leaf’s water tower stands out as one of the most distinctive landmarks. The water tower or (huge water tank, if you like) stands 100 feet from the ground. The water tower, which is located near the corner of Northeast 85th and Roosevelt Way Northeast, was built in 1949 to replace two water towers built decades earlier. The tower isn’t however in use today as Maple Leaf has since shifted to underground water reservoirs for purposes of improving the quality as well as the security of Maple Leaf’s water supply and creating new public spaces. Although, the million-gallon water tower is regarded as a landmark by many Maple Leaf residents in the Maple Leaf homes for sale, it isn’t regarded as such officially according to Seattle’s Landmark Preservation Ordinance. The water tower features distinctive maple leaves painted on its surface.

Maple Leaf Reservoir Park – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

This 16-acre park is another notable Maple Leaf landmark and attraction around Maple Leaf homes for sale. The park whose design theme; ‘wind, waves and wings’ was community inspired serves as a neighborhood park for the entire Northeast Seattle area. The park has a pathway system that weaves through trees and a series of gardens. The park also has two staircases which connect the two park levels.

The park has a great viewpoint that highlights Lake Washington and Mount Rainier and worth a look when looking at Maple Leaf homes for sale. Maple Leaf Reservoir park has a shelter as well as gathering plaza, sports court which includes a pickle ball court, hitting wall and basketball hoops. The park also has 2 ball fields and a play area with a children’s garden, zip line and many other great play features that you are likely to appreciate if you go with one of the Maple Leaf homes for sale.

Other notable features of the park include; Patrick Marold’s site specific public artwork i.e. the Confluent Boulders. The boulders were taken from the watersheds of the Tolt and Cedar rivers. The boulder-sculpture was inspired by the water sources feeding the Maple Leaf Reservoir. The Confluent Boulders enhance the awareness of the entire region’s natural resources. The Maple Leaf Reservoir Park was built to replace open reservoirs with safer and secure underground structures allowing the development of new open spaces for the public on reservoir lids around Seattle. The Park was built using funding acquired from the 2008 Parks & Green Spaces Levy.

Maple Leaf Community Garden – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

Maple leaf also has a P-Patch Community Garden measuring 0.37 acres. The community garden is located on 529 NE 103rd St. The garden was established in 2007 and is composed of rented plots, perennial beds, restful seating areas and extensive native plantings. The garden also has a labyrinth, straw bale tool shed and beautiful wind sculptures. The Maple Leaf Community Garden is maintained primarily by volunteers. Plots are assigned via the P-Patch Community Gardening Program and might be something to consider if you go with one of the Maple Leaf homes for sale that has a small yard but many homes in the area do have great curb appeal. It’s a great recreational landmark and attraction in Maple Leaf.

Woodland Park Zoo – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

The Woodland Park Zoo is a nearby attraction to Maple Leaf homes for sale. The Zoo occupies the western-half of the Woodland Park. The Zoo is a great attraction for Maple Leaf residents and visitors. The Woodland Park Zoo started as a menagerie for a real estate developer named Guy C. Phinney. After his death, his wife sold the 188-acre menagerie to the city in 1899. The menagerie was converted into a Zoo in 1902.

Today, the Woodland Park Zoo has over 1,090 animal specimens, over 300 animal species including 35 and 5 endangered and threatened animal species respectively. The Zoo also has over 7,000 trees, over 50,000 shrubs and herbs as well as more than 1,000 plant species. The Zoo has 92 acres of public spaces and exhibits combined. It is open daily and boasts of receiving over 1 million visitors a year. Major exhibits include; African Savanna, Trail of Vines, Tropical Rain Forest, Northern Trail and Banyan Wilds. It’s a nice addition to the area around Maple Leaf homes for sale.

The Waldo Hospital – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

The Waldo Hospital is Maple Leaf’s oldest hospital. It was established in 1924 and has since been used as a public amenity for decades. The hospital has been nominated as a historic site by the Maple Leaf Community Council drawing a lot of attention as a Maple Leaf attraction site and landmark. The council’s goal is preserving the buildings as well as the grounds of the hospital.

Social amenities

Schools – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

If you are looking at Maple Leaf homes for sale and you have kids or are thinking about having them, you will probably want to know about the schools. Maple Leaf has a number of public elementary schools which are part of the Seattle’s citywide public schools district. Olympic View Elementary Schools is one of the top public elementary schools in Maple Leaf. The school was founded back in 1903 as East Oak Lake School. It is one of the oldest schools (if not the oldest) in Maple Leaf. The school is located on 95th Street.

Maple Leaf is also home to Sacajawea Elementary School started in 1955. The school started with 9 temporary/portable structures. Permanent buildings were however constructed and completed in 1959. The school is located on 20th Avenue. It was named after a Shoshone Indian who played a crucial role in the Lewis & Clark Expedition.

Maple Leaf also has a number of private schools i.e. St. Catherine School. The Catholic school was started in 1941. The school serves students ranging from the K-8th grade. Initially, the school was run by Sisters of Providence. The Perkins School is another private school in Maple Leaf. The K-5th grade private school is located on 9000-block of Roosevelt. There are many other great schools neighboring Maple Leaf homes for sale.

Churches – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

The area of Maple Leaf homes for sale has plenty of churches i.e. Maple Leaf Evangelical Church located on 1059 NE 96th Street, Olympic View Community Church located on 425 NE 95th Street, St Andrew’s Episcopal Church located on 111 NE 80th Street, Maple Leaf Lutheran Church located on 10005 32nd Avenue NE, Lakeview Free Methodist Church located on 9412 15th Avenue NE and Calvary Christian Assembly on 6801 Roosevelt Way NE just to mention a few churches around Maple Leaf homes for sale.

Restaurants – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

Maple Leaf has plenty of restaurants serving all kinds of foods; foreign and local, new and traditional. There is a Subway restaurant in Maple Leaf as well as many other great fast-food restaurants. Cooper’s Alehouse and The Maple Bar are popular restaurants for traditional American food. There are however hundreds of restaurants in and around the area of Maple Leaf homes for sale serving the most unique food tastes and preferences. And while some worry about still being able to go out after buying a home, don’t forget about the 8 tax breaks for homeowners that you will get to enjoy if you go with one of the Maple Leaf homes for sale.

Library – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

Maple Leaf is served by the Northgate Library which is a branch of the Seattle’s public library system. The library is located on 10500 block, 5th Avenue. The library was opened in 2006 and is a short drive from Maple Leaf homes for sale.

Things to do in Maple Leaf – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

There are plenty of things to do around the area of Maple Leaf homes for sale. As mentioned above, Maple Leaf has a community garden and a great park. The Maple Leaf Reservoir Park offers 16-acres of fun-filled outdoor activities including a children’s garden. The nearby Woodland Park Zoo is a great place for animal and nature lovers. Maple Leaf also has plenty of restaurants which serve all kinds of local and international delicacies. This makes the area of Maple Leaf homes for sale a great place to dine and wine.

Maple Leaf also has plenty of nightclubs such as the Dancing Bare, Little Red Hen and Rick’s just to mention a few popular night clubs offering a great nightlife experience. There are many other neighboring nightclubs in the greater Seattle area offering a variety of nightclub experiences. You can also visit the Northwest Puppet Center which is a haven for puppet enthusiasts. The Puppet Center also has a museum and stage for plays.

If you love shopping, the Northgate Mall is one of the best shopping centers close to Maple Leaf homes for sale. You can take your children for shopping as well at Children’s Place which has all sorts of children’s apparel, toys, name it! In a nutshell, you can’t possibly get bored in Maple Leaf whether you’re a child or adult. There are plenty of things to do for fun. The neighboring areas also offer more variety.

Summary – Maple Leaf Homes for Sale

The above information summarizes everything you need to know about the area of Maple Leaf homes for sale. The predominantly residential neighborhood in northeast Seattle is one of the best places to own a home in Seattle. The community is extremely cooperative with government, business as well as other neighborhoods but hasn’t lost track of its own interests. There is also an abundance of social amenities and attractions. There are also plenty of things to do in Maple Leaf and surrounding areas. This explains why Maple Leaf is one of the desirable real estate markets for residential homes in Seattle. Furthermore, new Maple leaf homes for sale have been coming up in the past decade to complement the classic Seattle bungalows, boxes and Tudoresque style homes. The area of Maple Leaf homes for sale is definitely a great place to live in Seattle.

If you’re thinking about buying your first home in Maple Leaf, make sure to check out our First Time Home Buyer Webinar for everything you need to do to prepare to make your first home investment. Or if you just want a quick refresher guide check out our Guide to Buying a Home.



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