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Are you interested in buying a new home in a great Seattle neighborhood? If the answer is yes, it is quite likely that you will be on the lookout for one of the North Seattle Homes for sale. However, before signing on the dotted line as a buyer you would certainly like to know more about Seattle and the neighborhoods where you plan to buy your dream home.

Overview – By North Seattle Homes for Sale

North Seattle is one of the 13 neighborhood districts that were formed in 1988 in and around the city of Seattle. The main objective was to improve the quality of life across the entire length and breadth of Seattle and also the various suburban areas. Whenever we talk about North Seattle, we often associate it with the famous University Of Washington. It is a renowned and highly popular university which offers courses covering various focuses. It is considered to be one of the best Universities in the country. If you want to live near the UW campus in a great neighborhood, you might consider one of the Ravenna homes for sale. It offers some of the best programs in the fields of engineering, science and technology and many other streams of education. Hence when we talk about North Seattle we always keep in mind the contribution that this university has made to the overall development of this neighborhood. It also would be appropriate to divide North Seattle into two major areas, Northeast Seattle and Northwest Seattle. This will help in better understand the various places which could be considered for those who are on the lookout for suitable North Seattle Homes for sale.

History – Around North Seattle Homes for Sale

When we talk about the history of North Seattle we cannot go without mentioning the timber and lumber business which it was famous for once upon a time. It is situated in a narrow strip of land which lies between the fresh waters of Washington Lake and Puget Sound. It also has two rugged mountain ranges, Cascade to the East and Olympics to the West. During the middle of 1850s, the city was a big supplier of lumber items to San Francisco which was also a booming city at that point of time. The reason for the growth of North Seattle and Seattle, in general, could also be many industries being set up here. Big names like Weyerhaeuser helped to grow the area.

The neighborhood is often famous for its Seattle spirit. Added to this, is the rich culture and art, which this place offers to its residents. It has a famous downtown museum, Seattle Art Museum or SAM, and many live theaters. It has a rich collection of lush parks and has some famous spots like Pioneer Square and Pike Place Market. It is a place which yearns for big growth but at times is not keen to let go of its past. Nonetheless, North Seattle Homes for Sale, is an outstanding place, which attracts people from various parts of the country and also perhaps from other countries of the world. North Seattle of late also has become a place for buying a home both from the investment point and from the residential point of view.

Things to See & Do

Landmarks – Near North Seattle Homes for Sale
When we talk about landmarks of North Seattle, there are quite a few of them. There is no doubt that the University Of Washington is the biggest landmark and many people recognize this neighborhood because of this University. Additionally, there are a number of places and landmarks which have stood the test of time and have become an integral part of North Seattle and its neighborhood. The Ballard Locks, Woodland Park Zoo & Rose Garden and Gas Works Parks are a few of the popular spots to visit, especially in the warmer months. Wonderful neighborhoods to check out to live close to those include Wallingford homes for sale, Ballard homes for sale and Phinney Ridge homes for sale.

Many North Seattle homes for sale offer magnificent views of the snowcapped Olympic mountain range and also the fresh waters of Puget Sound. Additionally, one cannot afford to miss the Evergreen Arboretum and Gardens. It can be a great place to refresh your mind or body or even get some idea for designing your home landscaping when you have completed your dream home search in the North Seattle Homes for sale.

The above are just a few of the main landmarks which make North Seattle such a great place to live and be in. There are other places not far off from North Seattle and these include: The Future Of Flight Aviation Center, Imagine Children’s Museum, Jetty Island, Kayak Point Regional Park, Kruckeberg Botanical Garden, and much more. As a tourist or a future resident of one of the North Seattle Homes for sale, there will no lack of places to see on weekends with family and friends, especially if you are willing to venture out just a bit too.

Art Scene – Around North Seattle Homes for Sale

As mentioned above, North Seattle being a part of greater Seattle has a rich history and tradition. It is home to some of the best paintings, textile-arts and sculpture works of art. Further, it also hosts impressive performing and urban arts. The Seattle Opera and The Pacific Northwest Ballet at McCaw Hall are a quick drive from North Seattle homes for sale. There have been many occasions where the art works and cultural events of Seattle have hit the national and international scene. When one looks at the areas surrounding North Seattle, you are not far off from 20 live theaters. This in itself is a big testimony to the fact that art and culture are engrained in the DNA of this area. If there are people who have an artistic state of mind, buying a home in North Seattle could perhaps be a dream come true for them to fulfill this side of them. Though trade and commerce have grown rapidly over the past century and skyscrapers and malls have become quite common, the cultural and artistic purity of the neighborhood still continues to be maintained and thrive.

Pubs & Restaurants Near North Seattle Homes for Sale

Any residential area should have quality restaurants and North Seattle also has some of the best restaurants that one can think of. Here again it may not be possible to list down and discuss about all the pubs and restaurants which dot the landscape of North Seattle but some of our favorites include ‘Westward’ in Wallingford (near a number of great Wallingford homes for sale), ‘Un Bien’ and ‘Thai Siam’ in Ballard, ‘Uneeda Burger’ in Fremont and many more. Check out our Top Favorite Seattle Restaurants  for more great spots in nearly every neighborhood. There are plenty of bars and restaurants to cater to varying taste buds, budgets and needs and requirements. A visit to the internet will be the best way to find out the right bar or restaurant as far as North Seattle is concerned.

Things To Do In & Around North Seattle Homes for Sale Area

Earlier in this article, we have mentioned quite a few places of interest as far as North Seattle is concerned. Here are a few more places of interest which would certainly make this neighborhood and the surrounding areas, the best choice for building homes or buying apartments. The majestic Meadowdale Beach Park located in Edmond on Puget Sound is a wonderful salt water beach which could be the ideal place to spend the weekend. Similarly the SPARK Museum Of Electrical Invention located in Bellingham is also a wonderful place to visit with families and children in particular. However, it is a bit out of the way and is around 90 miles from North Seattle.

The list can go on and on. The best way to know more about it is to spend a little time on the internet or just visit the Greater Seattle Events page. You can be sure that there will be no lack of places to visit and things to do as far as North Seattle is concerned. It offers something for everybody irrespective of their age, gender, and specific tastes.

Recreational Activities and Facilities Around North Seattle Homes for Sale

There is no shortage of recreational facilities as far as North Seattle and surrounding areas are concerned. Washington is arguably one of the best states to live in if you enjoy recreational activities. You can go rent a canoe, kayak, paddle board or other boat around many areas of Seattle. With the Sound and multiple lakes, there are many options to enjoy being out on the water or if you’d prefer a hike or rock climbing, there are a large number opportunities there too. The Seattle area is also home to many great gyms, yoga studios, indoor climbing centers and even a bathhouse. If you want to get a little exercise in and multitask, the University Village is an open air retail mall which attracts hundreds of tourists especially during weekends and great to walk around during the drier months. The Jackson Park Golf Course could be a great place to unwind mind and body for golf enthusiasts. Others could also be a part of this place and enjoy the beautiful sceneries and serene atmosphere.

Those who would like to enjoy the weekend with children and families could choose Seattle Center. It is today one of the most popular places where the best of entertainment, arts and other such activities could be found. The park is built around 74 acres and therefore is a sprawling place of entertainment and enjoyment. There are other interesting and popular destinations Sand Point, Ballard Locks, Green Lake, Golden Gardens, Gas Works Park, Carkeek Park and Bitter Lake. Last but not least, the University Of Washington campus, could also be a great place to spend time walking around with family and friends, especially in the Spring when the Cherry Blossom trees are all in bloom.


Good to know:

Schools – Near North Seattle Homes for Sale

Apart from the famous University Of Washington mentioned above, there are a number of schools and colleges in and around the neighborhood where the youth can get a great education. Some of these include: Ingraham High School, The Hamilton International Middle School and The North Seattle French School. There are also many Catholic Schools, including names like Bishop Blanchet High School, Assumption – St. Bridget School, Our Lady Of Fatima Parish Schools and much more. The schools are well spread and they cater to the needs of various sections of society. There are schools which also cater to certain ethnic and religious groups of people. When looking at North Seattle homes for sale, you should know there is no doubt that finding a suitable primary, middle and high school for children will not be a problem at all.

Churches – Close to North Seattle Homes for Sale

Seattle in general and North Seattle in particular also has some of the best congregation of churches and other places of worship to suit various religions and beliefs. North Seattle Alliance Church, Epic Life Church, Bethany Community Church and many more such churches are in or very close to North Seattle. There are also places of worship for other religions and beliefs and I’m confident if you decide to go with one of the North Seattle homes for sale that you will be able to find a community nearby who share your religion/beliefs too.

Access To North SeattleNorth Seattle Homes for Sale

North Seattle being a part of the greater Seattle area is extremely well connected by various modes of transport. Whether it is public transport systems of buses, cabs, light rail, or others, travelers should not have a problem getting to where they need to go. It also would be pertinent to mention here that it is also well connected by rail. King County Street Station and Columbia City Station are situated within convenient distances from both the residential and business areas of North Seattle. It also has a well-developed mass transport system and King County and Sound Transit cater to thousands of people as far as their travel requirements are concerned. It is also an area which is friendly to bicyclists, with many bike lanes and a large number of North Seattle homes for sale feature driveways for cars and therefore these also become common modes of transport.

Hospitals Close by North Seattle Homes for Sale

Like other large US cities, Seattle, and the area of North Seattle homes for sale, has the best of medical and hospital facilities nearby. Northwest Hospital and Medical Center and the University of Washington Medical Center are considered to be one of the best hospitals in North Seattle. Additionally, there are dozens of other hospitals to choose from in and around North Seattle. It may not be possible to list down all of them but there are a few names which are worth having a look at. Swedish Medical Center located in Broadway, Harborview Medical Center in 9th Avenue Seattle, Kindred Hospital Seattle – Northgate (8th Avenue NE Seattle), NE Pacific Center and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Fairview are a few names which are worth having a look at it. These are just a few names and if we go through the right information sources they will be able to come across dozens of other big and small hospitals, nursing homes and primary health care centers. When thinking about going with one of the North Seattle homes for sale, know finding a suitable nearby hospital will not be a problem.


At the end of the day, the area around North Seattle homes for sale, offers everything you need to live a comfortable life and then some. Each area of North Seattle homes for sale has different characteristics to it. If you need help with figuring out which one is right for you, your family or your lifestyle. Please shoot me and email or give me a call today and I’d be happy to help steer you in the right direction for you and your investment.

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