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Located about 7-8 miles to the north of Downtown Seattle, Northgate is a peaceful and friendly neighborhood that borders Interstate 5 and is bounded by the Aurora/Highway 99 on the west. While the northern border of the region is the 145th arterial street, the southern side is surrounded by the Ravenna and the Green Lake neighborhoods. It can be separated into four smaller sections, including Pinehurst, Haller Lake, North College Park, and Maple Leaf. If you are looking at Northgate homes for sale, you would be pleased to know that the area is one of the largest neighborhoods in north Seattle and is a wonderful place to live with great amenities, including the very first mall. Check out Northgate homes for sale to see all the different homes that are offered in this area.

History – around Northgate homes for sale
Initially, the Northgate homes for sale region was a farming land for a variety of wild foods and cranberries. It was actually inhabited by Native Americans and slowly witnessed other settlements coming in. Currently, the area is home to the Northgate Mall (that you can go shop at after getting your 8 tax breaks for homeowners), North Seattle Community College, and Interstate 5 in place of the initial habitation. The past few decades northgate homes for sale have witnessed huge revolution in the place in terms of a great collective retail experience. In fact, the Northgate mall with its endless list of stores and businesses, was the very first shopping center of the nation to be actually known as a Mall. The mall was remodeled and added onto in 2009. With it being centerally located in Northgate homes for sale are it is all within walking distance or a quick bus ride.  With the advancements and developments, the region saw Northgate homes for sale, housing and commercial complexes, being built quite recently, as well as great work is being performed throughout the neighborhood for the protection and preservation of Thornton Creek. While searching Northgate homes for sale, you might want to also take note of the park, library and community center that were added in across from the mall in 2006.

Here are some pictures of Northgate homes for sale and landmarks:

Around Northgate:

Great Transportation – near Northgate homes for sale
Northgate Homes for sale has a Great commuter parking and a bus transit transfer stationwhichs make the location a preferred place for purchasing real estate. Be sure to look at Northgate Homes for sale to see the different price ranges this area has to offer.  Northgate provides a convenient access to I-5, and you can always take the E-line express bus down Aurora/99 to reach downtown Seattle in no more than forty minutes. This comes in handy even during heavy traffic. The bus is equipped with its very own lane for much of the route. Note that it can get crowded at times, with room to only stand and travel, but it still gets you much quicker to your destination than a regular drive during the peak hours.  This is highly desirable because of the traffic we have here in Seattle so Northgate homes for sale really is a commuters dream.

Connected to the Northgate Transit Center, Northgate homes for sale will soon have an elevated Link Light Rail station to the west of the Northgate mall. In fact, it will be the final station on the Northgate Link Extension, and the very first station located above the ground north of downtown Seattle. The station will open in the year 2021, and will reach all the way to SeaTac Airport, connecting UW and Downtown.  This will make Northgate homes for sale that much more valuable in the future as the region gets more populated.  Tip: When looking at Northgate homes for sale a 1 mile radius will really help your commute time for this attractive neighborhood feature.

Budget-Friendly Housing – within Northgate homes for sale
Affordable housing is perhaps, the biggest advantage of living around Northgate homes for significantly cheaper houses covering a variety of living spaces, including a great blend of low and middle-income properties in the neighborhood. Close to the city center, you can also find higher-rent places for a more luxurious living.  Northgate homes for sale has a combinations of single family homes, townhouses and condominiums.  . Northgate homes for sale is one of the cheapest areas to buy a two bedroom home close to the city. Also, check out 10 Top Tips to Find the Perfect Home.

Here is a typical Northgate homes for sale house.  It is one of the smaller ones but has great character.

Northgate_homes_for_sale_D (5)

Parks and Sports – near Northgate homes for sale
Whether you want to hit up the swing sets or enjoy the grassy knolls, you can always pick one of the many parks in the neighborhood. The residents of Northgate often cherish lovely strolls at the nearby Green Lake Park, as well as the huge Magnusson Park resting on the shores of Lake Washington. You could too, if you find your dream home in one of the Northgate homes for sale.

Some athletic fields are sported by the Maple Leaf Reservoir Park, whereas the small North acres park also features a baseball field. Although, most of the lakefront of the Haller Lake is private property, a lovely little sliver at the end of 125th street is open to public.

A public course, Jackson Park Golf Course is located just a few minutes outside of downtown and is the perfect place for the sport lovers. Consisting of an 18-hole Championship and a 9-hole Executive, the Golf Course is famous for holding tournaments and sporting some great golf clubs.

Schools and Library – close to Northgate homes for sale
Northgate is also a great location for students. Located in the South-West area of Northgate homes for sale neighborhood, The North Seattle Community College Campus offers best-in-class education to its students, while the Ingraham High School is an international Baccalaureate institution provided a highly advanced student program. This is important to know when searching Northgate homes for sale.

The Northgate Branch of The Seattle Public Library at 10548 Fifth Ave. N.E lies next to a community center and a lovely park, and has a wide collection of books in English and Russian, accompanied by free public computers, access to wireless Internet, movies and music discs. The library employs bilingual staff to answer the queries of all students, and features Art by Nikki McClure, Linda Wysong, and Dana Lynn Louis. Speaking of the amenities, it also has free parking, a great area for teens and children, two study rooms, a meeting room, and a quiet room.

Locality and Residents – around Northgate homes for sale
Despite being situated behind the Northgate Mall, the neighborhood makes you go back to the days of your trouble-free childhood. Apart from beautiful Northwest trees rising above the homes, the residential area looks absolutely stunning with its rose gardens, hedges, fruit trees, and maples. The houses in Northgate are older, and include two-story family houses from the mid-century, as well as sport ramblers and brick homes. Overall, you will find yourself cherishing the coziness of a well-lived in town with houses that are open to move right into or revamped according to your whims.

The Northgate homes for sale area is home to residents from different age groups, classes and nationalities, including non-native newbies as well as Foreign-born people. A lot of students from high school or college, as well as people working in a variety of occupations ranging, including professional sector, service work and management level positions reside the area. Mixed educational statuses, humble class people, lower-income couples, middle-income individuals, as well as urban singles with moderate income, all find their habitat in the neighborhood.

Quiet and Pleasant Vibe – with Northgate homes for sale
Although, the neighborhood sees most of the action in the area around the Northgate mall, the region has got much more appeal to its residents with the establishment of the new movie theaters and a great condo complex. When looking for Northgate homes for sale, keep in mind North College Park seems to be quite laid back with mostly students residing the place, while Maple Leaf sports a tight-knit community feel. A good amount of activity can be seen in Haller Lake, especially along its border at Aurora Avenue. Those looking for a truly quiet living would love Pinehurst, specifically on the north end.

Where to go:

Restaurants – near Northgate homes for sale
Whether you are looking for something substantial, a smaller restaurant, or a special cuisine, Northgate has something in store for you. Whenever there is a mall, food comes with it because of all the people and Northgate homes for sale has it all.  From mom and pop restartants to the big chain restaurants.  We will not be naming them one by one because the list will be too long but if your in the neighborhood your should enjoy a treat while looking at Northgate homes for sale.

Here are some popular restrurants in the northgate homes for sale area you should try:
Marketplace Café, Patty’s Eggnest, Blue Fin Sushi, Mama Stortini’s, The Greek Kitchen, Sushi Maru, Stanfords and Red Robin.  These great restaurants are not all walkable so be sure to check out the map for Northgate homes for sale so you can see how close they are to these restaurants and other amenities.
Shopping – close to Northgate homes for sale
When it comes to shopping, the neighborhood won’t fail to let you find almost everything ranging from shoes, gadgets, clothes, gifts, books and much more. Being one of the most popular malls of the area, the Northgate Mall represents as the shopping center of the surrounding areas, with many businesses surrounding the North Seattle Hotel. It features a broad spectrum of top-notch stores belonging to popular chains like Macy’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond, as well as Barnes and Noble. Take a break from searching Northgate homes for sale and visit more than 60 specialty shops and anchor stores like Nordstrom and JC Penney are a part of the mall, along with several other stores, including XXI Forever, Finish Line, Old Navy, Gymboree, and Lane Bryant.

Traveling around Seattle can get really congested so having a mall close to your Northgate home for sale will really save you time and effort.  We can stress enough how great this area is for convenience.

Northgate_homes_for_sale_D (4)

Attractions and Things To Do – by Northgate homes for sale
Northgate Mall has much more to it than shopping alone, with high crystal white columns and pretty contemporary skylights adorning the wide-open central atrium and broad corridors. The mall creates a very comfortable setting for the people to spend a great time after shopping. If you find that all those hours of shopping have worked up an appetite, the place boasts a nice food court and sit down restaurants like California Pizza Kitchen and Red Robin. There is an nice play area that is worthy enough of delighting the kids.

Churches – around Northgate homes for sale
The peaceful, close-knit neighborhood features several churches focused on authenticity, community and Jesus. Renew Covenant Church is a lovely little church established in Northgate quite recently, where one can’t just come and leave without being noticed. The community-oriented people here are very much driven by relationships and believe in living authentic lives embodying togetherness, and kindness.

Located in Maple Leaf, Every Nation Church Seattle is another local church that brings people from all spheres of life deeply committed to one another, the society, and their love for God. A get together is organized every Sunday morning at Regal Cinemas Thornton Place to worship and grow connections with each other. Also, the people from Community Groups across Seattle meet in homes throughout the week to pray, discuss God’s sayings and eat dinner together. The Church also serves the community by taking care of underprivileged children, feeding homeless people, and working against child-trafficking.

Epic Life Church in Haller Lake has always been influencing the lives of countless people since its very launch in the year 2009. Moving much beyond a Sunday morning meet, this church strives to build a complete culture of intentional living into almost everything it does. Apart from a Sunday Corporate Worship gathering, Epic Life has established three more units, including House Church, Purposed Ministry, and Incarnational Ministry. The church’s community is well-networked with several other organizations and churches and offers a lot of limited community services.

Healthcare Facilities – near Northgate homes for sale
Rest assured when touring Northgate homes for sale, that it is one of those neighborhoods in Seattle that offer great medical care to their residents. Apart from sharing close proximity of Northwest Seattle to the healthcare facilities at Northwest Hospital, Northgate homes for sale is also equipped with a number of hospitals and clinics of its own. The neighborhood is home to offices of The Immediate Clinic, Group Health, and the UW Medical Center.

Northgate real estate:

Not only has Northgate homes for sale been acknowledging huge commercial and residential growth in the last few years, but also has several projects underway, making the neighborhood a highly preferred area to reside. Taking a look at the factors, it can be rightly said that living in Northgate is all about affordability and great convenience. Northgate homes for sale are very affordable and has a huge verity of homes to choose from.  Whether you are looking for a spacious condo or want to go for a smaller single family home, the Northgate homes for sale has got some truly affordable options for you, set in a quiet, peaceful and close-knit atmosphere.

Northgate homes for sale have high rise condos to small condo complexes and townhomes.  Each have different amenties like pools, work out rooms, game rooms and club houses.  Large homes to small 2 bedrooms residential homes are an easy find through Northgate homes for sale so be sure to scroll to the bottom to find out more.

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Searching Northgate homes for sale and wondering how to go about buying a home in Seattle WA?  It’s important you understand the home buying process in Seattle WA but also how to truly find your dream home.  The above should provide helpful information but if you haven’t hired a top real estate agent in Seattle WA yet to assist you with your home search, contact me, and I’d love to discuss your real estate needs further!

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