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History – Phinney Ridge Homes for Sale

If you are looking for the perfect place to call home, Phinney Ridge in Seattle can be a perfect place to settle into with your family or if you are on a solo home hunt. Phinney Ridge is a quiet neighborhood in the North Central area of Seattle, Washington. The area is named after the ridge that runs from North to South separating the Green Lake from Ballard. The name Phinney comes from a Guy C. Phinney a former real estate developer and lumber mill owners whose estate was bought by the city and turned into a woodland in 1899.

There are several reasons to make you want to live in one of the Phinney Ridge homes for sale apart from the quite environment that meets the in city energy. The history of Phinney based on Guy Phinney, who owned a private estate on the crest hill, is where we have come to know as the Woodland Park and Zoo. The areas surrounding were also slowly filled with people. The saw mill nearby created enough free space making people move in and build homes. The entire Phinney Ridge area would become attractive for new residents with encouragement from Phinney, who put his trolley from the Fremont to the area.

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Landmarks, Attractions & Restaurants – Phinney Ridge Homes for Sale
There are several nearby landmarks and attractions that make the area of Phinney Ridge homes for sale rank among the best places to stay in Seattle. The Green Lake Aqua Theater is a lonely looking stand in the Southern end of the lake. The Green Lake Park itself is a favorite hunting ground for persona trainers and runners. The Green Lake Park does surround a small natural lake that was created by a glacier in the last ice age and is another popular place to live. Green Lake Condos for sale are hot properties and don’t last long on the market.

The area of Phinney Ridge homes for sale that runs across the hilltop separating the Green Lake from Ballard is enjoying a new surge of family stops. It offers the ultimate playground with the Woodland zoo. This is a great place you can go out with your family members during the weekend and enjoy some good times together. You might want to consider getting an annual pass which pays for itself in just a few visits. The rose garden next to the zoo is also a lovely place for an afternoon stroll or picnic.

The Phinney Avenue will beg you to just take a stroll and enjoy the great amenities the town has to offer. There are several new eateries, fun boutique shops and coffee shops along the way for a quite family time. There are several restaurants in the town where you can easily get a snack at any time of the day. Most of the youthful populations in the area have nothing to worry when it comes to enjoying life and having fun in the night hours in the area of Phinney Ridge homes for sale. There are several night bars in the town where you can easily relax and have a cold beer for those who drink after a long day of work. The Uber Tavern and the Dray are among the best bars to have a drink at any time of the day. The Red Mills Burgers is another popular place to have some cool moments.

If you are thinking about one of the Phinney Ridge homes for sale and enjoy good food, there’s a number of options in the neighborhood and surrounding. One of the popular spots is ‘Bongos’ which serves delicious Cuban and Caribbean food at reasonable prices. Zeke’s Pizza, In-Season Café, the Stumbling Goat Bistro are all great choices to grab lunch or dinner at when touring Phinney Ridge homes for sale. There is plenty to do in Phinney with good restaurants that serve arguably some of the best foods in Seattle. To check out our favorite restaurants around the different neighborhoods of Seattle visit Top Favorite Seattle Restaurants.

Activities – Phinney Ridge homes for sale

Visiting the popular, expansive Woodland Park and Zoo nearby is of course a popular activity and they also host concerts in the summertime. There is a rumor in Phinney that if you live close to the Park, you get two free passes to the summer zoo tunes concerts. Yet another perk to keep in mind when looking at Phinney Ridge homes for sale. Another fun activity is the Phinney Wood Art Walk, where you can see and buy original works from great local artists.

Most people in the area love pets and have pets so you can be pretty sure your pet will be highly welcome in the area of Phinney Ridge homes for sale and make for a great excuse to get out, walk around your neighborhood and meet neighbors. The people in Phinney have their traditions that you will probably enjoy. In May of every year, there is a neighborhood garage sales day. This is the day to grab a map of the homes to go find some great treasures or if you go with one of the Phinney Ridge homes for sale, consider hosting your own garage sale and being part of the hundreds of sales taking place on that day. If you don’t find what you are looking for on ‘Garage Sale Day’ consider checking out these Top Seattle Vintage Stores for home décor.

This list of things to do in the neighborhood of Phinney Ridge Homes for Sale is nearly endless. The Woodland Park and Rose Garden is such a beautiful place for a nice evening stroll. The garden is home to some of the coolest vegetation and nice spots where you can sit and have outdoor family times together. The big Green Lake Park nearby is a big community park where everybody has access to at any time of the day. The community park is perfect for a good evening run, stroll or a place to bask in the sun.

The Gas Works Park is also another nearby place to Phinney Ridge homes for sale that gives a good view of the area. It is fun to watch boats go by and a place that can be hard to leave. This is one of the best urban reclamation and now a great monument minutes from Phinney Ridge homes for sale. The plant was in operational as from 1906 to 1956 producing gas for heating and lighting. It was closed down after being considered an environmental hazard. The plant was to be torn down, but the beautiful location, and the great artistry work of the plant made the city officials to preserve it as a public industrial park. The plant was painted black but after long years without functioning now appears in a joyful graffiti of its former self. The park has even been a place for rock musicians to shoot videos and use as album covers. It is a great view to just sit in the grass but be sure to have the energy to climb the hill to see the sundial at the top.


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Schools – Phinney Ridge Homes for Sale
If you have school going children and wondering if there are any good schools around Phinney Ridge homes for sale, then you won’t be disappointed. Some of the best schools in the Seattle area are found in the area ranging from The Whole Earth Montessori School to the several Northshore public elementary schools. Your child will enjoy going to school without any struggles of long car rides. From private to public schools, you can be sure to get the right school to take your child whatever the level.

Demographic – Phinney Ridge Homes for Sale
A high number of the people living in Phinney Ridge comprise of high-income urban singles. Many of the residents are highly educated professionals with degrees in various fields and live a nice lifestyle. Close to 20 percent of the homes in the Ridge have families with kids. The average age in the Phinney Ridge area is around 37.

Churches – Phinney Ridge Homes for Sale
If you are a religious and looking around at Phinney Ridge homes for sale, know that there are several churches in the area nearby. You are bound to be able to find one right for you in the Phinney area with so many options. Some of the churches in the area of Phinney Ridge homes for sale include the Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church, the Bethany Community Church, The St. Johns, Catholic Church, and The Ballard Church, The Salvation Army Seattle Temple, The Woodland Park United Methodist Church, The Oak Lake Baptist Church and several more nearby. The list of churches in the area may seem somewhat endless, and one does not have to worry about lacking a suitable church for their spiritual needs.

Music around the area of Phinney Ridge Homes for Sale is so uplifting with some classic cool jazz being enjoyed many weekends. The Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church performs the Duke and the Divine an event where the gorgeous sounds of Duke Ellington sacred music is enjoyed.

Another great place to have some good times and exercise, near Phinney Ridge homes for sale is the Burke-Gilman Trail. It is a great biking and walking trail that brings you close to the beautiful areas of Seattle. This trail is beautiful, interesting and peaceful for a whole family walk. The trail is also flat making it great for a smooth ride with your bike and enjoy staying healthy. It’s also a good way to stop spending more on gym bills. That tip and others are listed in top tips to save for a down payment if you are still in the middle of saving up for a down payment on one of the Phinney Ridge homes for sale.

The area of Phinney Ridge homes for sale is a lovely neighborhood to walk around and is quite safe with very minimal security concerns. In the whole of Seattle, you will find out that the area around Phinney Ridge homes for sale has the lowest personal crimes and fewer property crimes per person. The town is home to around 10,000 residents which makes it a great place for those who don’t like highly populated neighborhoods. There is public transportation but biking is also a good option if you prefer not to have a car. Many people move around with their bikes in the relatively good roads. The walk score for the area of Phinney Ridge homes for sale is at 79% while the bike score is at 76%. The transport score is at 46% as most people prefer to walk or simply ride on their bikes. There are also about four bus lines going through the town.

The nearby neighborhoods to Phinney Ridge homes for sale are also relatively peaceful meaning you can buy your home and settle with your family in Phinney without ever regretting that decision. The Phinney Neighborhood Association helps keep a string of the community events on the calendar so that the people can get to know each other well and have some great moments together. It is like a large family in a single neighborhood where you keep a watch over one another. Phinney Ridge homes for sale can be a great place to call home for those still unsure of where to buy a house in Seattle Washington and settle.

If you are not finding your perfect dream home in Phinney Ridge homes for sale, check out the nearby areas of Green Lake homes for sale and Greenwood homes for sale. Both make excellent areas to live in and have a great quality of life.

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