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Stretching from the impressively large and beautiful Queen Anne Hill to the ship canal located on the other side of the hill, Queen Anne homes for sale neighborhood is one of the most popular areas for residential settlements featuring carefully preserved architecture and gorgeous views of the Seattle skyline. Divided into North Queen Anne, West Queen Anne, East Queen Anne and Lower Queen Anne homes for sale, each of which have their own specialties and attractions, the neighborhood on a whole is a community unto its own. The area has got almost everything that a downtown can offer, while keeping things subtle, serene and peaceful at the same time. The Queen Anne homes for sale neighborhood is perfect for those who want to opt for an urban and entertaining lifestyle. If you are already looking for some great Queen Anne homes for sale, you would love to gain an insight into some of these amazing factors that make the neighborhood an ideal place to reside. And when you are done learning about Queen Anne homes for sale, you might want to check out 10 Top Tips to Find the Perfect Home.

History and Culture near Queen Anne homes for sale:
With credits going to its sweeping sights and age-old greenery, this exquisitely pretty neighborhood is one of the oldest ones in Seattle that dates back to 1851. Initially, the place was named Eden Hill and was among the last few neighborhood to be fully developed due to being quite steep. When searching for Queen Anne homes for sale, you may see how the place gets its name from the gorgeous houses constructed in Queen Anne style that are worthy enough of capturing in a frame. To the turn of the century, rich settlers were attracted to the area due to a significant role played by The Alaskan Gold Rush, as well as the mansions flaunting lavish Victorian architecture making the place unique. (Check out some of the Queen Anne homes for sale and the rich architecture that this area has to offer.)  However, the actual boost in population and development in Queen Anne were witnessed in 1962 after the Seattle World’s Fair. Having aforesaid origins, the neighborhood is undoubtedly, bound to have a rich art and culture. Various music and cultural festivals are organized at the Seattle Center, and the area is no less than a central hub for performing arts in Seattle.

Landmarks close to Queen Anne homes for sale:
Being a unique blend of historic architecture and modern styles of buildings as well as houses, Queen Hill homes for sale features a lot to name when it comes to the landmarks. Large, luxurious mansions built in the 18th and 19th centuries are the factor determining the place’s name, being a part of the areas chief places to date. Officially, 29 landmarks of Seattle come under the neighborhood which includes 12 amazing architectures with historic designs. Having Queen Anne Style as its foundations, a house lies among a bunch of homes on the 14th Avenue West, while the one-of-a-kind engineering of The North Queen Anne Drive Bridge makes it a great landmark of the place. The Arthur Fuss dates back to the historic times and is a gorgeous wooden-hulled tugboat, whereas surrounding the hill top, Queen Anne Boulevard, along with stunningly decorated retaining walls of the area among the other few. Seattle’s early architecture here can be cherished best with an up-close view by walk or a driving tour or touring the Queen Anne homes for sale.

Friendly and Small Neighborhood Ambiance around Queen Anne homes for sale:
Being the exclusive neighborhood placed right in the heart of downtown Seattle, Queen Anne homes for sale has a perk of being a quiet and peaceful area to live. Going for a high-rise condo downtown might be perfect for singles and young couples, families on the other hand often opt for a comfortable single-family house. Be sure to check out Queen Anne homes for sale to see all the options.  It’s truly a friendly space to live,  letting you walk by a number of families when going for a quick stroll, whether its little toddlers with mothers, school-going children, or lovely elderly couples. In terms of livability, Queen Anne homes for sale has been listed as the 7th highest in the Greater Seattle region. Queen Anne homes for sale are very expensive so make sure you can afford this area.  Most of the residents here are involved in the community and are always willing to get to know their neighbors. Overall, Queen Anne homes for sale neighborhood has a winsome small town feel that’s taken to all new levels of amazement with the century old homes and great amenities rare to most neighborhoods anywhere else, not to mention that Queen Anne homes for sale is walkable to the whole neighborhood.  It walkable score is the highest in the Seattle area.

Here are some pictures of Queen Anne homes for sale neighborhood and Landmarks of this fabulous area:

Around town:

Things to do and events near Queen Anne homes for sale

Running straight through the middle of where so many wonderful things take place, Queen Anne homes for sale works as the prime location for some of the most famous attractions of Seattle. In fact, there’s perhaps no limit to what all you can do in this great neighborhood. Could you perfect home be here? If you find it in Queen Anne make sure to read how to avoid getting in a Seattle Bidding War.

Try visiting the Space Needle if you would love to witness a mesmerizing view of Seattle from the sky while sitting at a cool spot to eat at the same time. Reach to the 360 view observation section when you go 520 feet up and look over Elliott Bay or simply gaze out at the picturesque Mount Rainier.  Most of the Queen Anne homes for sale on the west and south side have a fabulous view of this attraction.  You can spend some memorable afternoons with the whole family at The Pacific Science Center, which features an IMAX theater, a butterfly house, and a planetarium. They have also got a Puget Sound Tide Pool and a dinosaur exhibit to delight the kids. Go ahead and take a break when touring the Queen Anne homes for sale and check out some of these great activities.

Seattle Center can be rightly named as the music heart of Seattle with Bumbershoot and Northwest FolkLife taking place every year during the fall and spring months respectively. This place also hosts a wide list of cultural festivals, such as the Japanese Cultural festival, and the Cherry Blossom Festival, while housing different types of restaurants inside the Center. Plus, a killer International Fountain, and indoors ice skating area makes winters even more amazing. You’ll enjoy having these great events nearby if you go with one of the Queen Anne homes for sale.

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McCaw Hall is home to the Pacific Northwest Ballet and Seattle Opera, while Seattle Reparatory Theatre is a well-known regional theater hosting a variety of plays from classics to modern artworks. Key Arena is a superb place to enjoy a basketball game or a roller derby event, while also hosting several concerts, including alt-J and Florence and The Machine. Home of Seattle’s most popular music festivals, the Experience Music Project Museum is in the most colorful place you’ll find in the city, and it’s only a little walk from all of the Queen Anne homes for sale.

Restaurants close to Queen Anne homes for sale:
Combining classy and luxurious restaurants with quick-stop food joints, Queen Anne sports a wide spectrum of options to eat and spend some quality time with friends and family, being no less than the spinal cord of most of the nearby areas. You can choose between hearty international diners and classy Americana brunch outlets. Located at the top of Queen Anne Avenue North, the most popular country-kitchen diner, The 5 Spot offers everything ranging from lovely morning breakfasts to late-night snacks, inviting you to savor all your hearty of the day. Some places for those who love a loud and funky vibe are Uptown Espresso, Peso’s, Ozzie’s Karaoke Bar, and Buckley’s sports-themed bar. How To Cook A Wolf, a dinner stop belonging to local celebrity chef Ethan Stowell offers amazing food that is all about simple ingredients served in Italian-inspired small plates. While in between touring some of the Queen Anne homes for sale, grab a delicious quick bite of the signature almond croissant at the Le Rêve Bakery. While you advance towards the top of the hill, you are going to find a number of charming sports stretching over 10 blocks, having Paragon Restaurant and Bar as quite a notable one in the hustle of Queen Anne Ave.  Remember that Queen Anne Homes for sale are all walkable so no matter where you live these fabulous places are just a walk away.

Night Life around Queen Anne homes for sale:
Touring the Queen Anne Homes for sale and wondering what life might be like after you move in? The sophisticated and serene environment of Queen Anne makes for an amazing nightlife that’s quite vivid and perfect to meet every party lover’s needs. You can make your weekends as subtle or fun-filled as you want, all thanks to the easy convenience to the numerous bars and nightclubs of the neighborhood as well as downtown Seattle. Nickerson Street Saloon, a great pub blending high-energy hours with a gorgeous patio overlooking the Fremont Cut is a must-visit place for the hip students as well as the mature socialites. Most bars in the area maintain a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for one and all, letting you enchant your drinks with their unique nacho platter or smoked chicken.  These places are so easy to get to when you live on Queen Anne.  No need to worry about drinking and driving when you own a Queen Anne homes for sale because you can always drink and walk.

Parks and Sports near Queen Anne homes for sale:
Incredible cultivation and growth of beautiful parks can be seen in the neighborhood because of the active lifestyles of the residents here. The most amazing location to take in Seattle’s evening skyline is the Queen Anne’s Kerry Park spread across 1.26 acres of land, offering an incomparable view of the city.  Enjoy pretty sunsets, views of the Elliott Bay and Mt. Rainier from the park, which makes it the leading tourist spot of Queen Anne. Make sure to take some time to check out Kerry Park while driving around and looking at the Queen Anne homes for sale.  Queen Anne homes for sale in this location are the most iconic of Seattle with unbelievable views.

The parks also have great provisions for sports, including the dirt running track and synthetic surface soccer pitch at the Queen Anne Bowl. An indoor swimming pool, baseball field, softball field, and a community center are featured by West Queen Anne Play field. Marshall Park is a bright, small area to spend a nice evening taking in a view of the Puget Sound, whereas the largest park of the neighborhood is the Kinnear Park that lets you cherish a lovely view of the grain elevator at Pier 86.   Most Queen Anne Homes for sale are all a hop, skip and a jump from these parks.


Important to Note:

Safety information about near Queen Anne homes for sale:

Safety always lies on the priority list when thinking of moving to a new neighborhood, but Queen Anne homes for sale is worthy enough of resting assured about the same with some truly impressive statistics in terms of a safe living, being 96 percent safer than most suburbs of Seattle. The area has got a considerably low violent crime rate, property crime rate, and crime index that is about 60% lesser than Downtown Seattle, and that’s what makes it one of the most popular neighborhoods to live in. That’s definitely something you will have comfort in knowing when looking at the Queen Anne homes for sale.

Schools close to Queen Anne homes for sale:
If you have children or may in the future, you will likely want to know about schools when searching the Queen Anne homes for sale. Queen Anne is a neighborhood built keeping children and education well in mind, lending space to 5 public schools and four private schools, so that you don’t need to look any further while planning the future of your kids when staying here. To name the public schools here in Queen Anne homes for sale, there’s Frantz Coe Elementary School, John Hay Elementary School, Queen Anne Elementary, McClure Middle, and The Center School. Talking about the private institutions, the area houses Queen Anne Community School, St. Anne School, Seattle Country Day School, and Seattle Waldorf High School. For higher studies near Queen Anne homes for sale, over 4000 students are offered world-class education in the Seattle Pacific University founded in 1891.

Churches by Queen Anne Homes for sale:
Seattle Church of Christ is not only a church, but also a place to look for a whole new family of religious, like-minded people, which is quite a boon for those who are new to the city. Another small yet lovely church that welcomes you open heartedly is the Queen Anne Baptist church that practices a very traditional Sunday worship service at 11 am lasting for about an hour, followed by a coffee hour that’s the perfect time to make new friends or simply relax for a while over a cup of beverage. Located in the heart of the neighborhood is the Queen Anne Christian Church that’s a community of faith all about learning, service and praying to the almighty. Oh and don’t forget about Bethany on the Ave and First Free Methodist, extension of Seattle Pacific University.  There are a number of options of churches to visit around the Queen Anne homes for sale.

Shopping around Queen Anne homes for sale:
When it comes to entertainment and shopping, Queen Anne is truly your one-stop destination providing for almost anything that you would want to buy. Take comfort in knowing that when looking in the area of Queen Anne homes for sale. Whether it’s some furnishing accessories at Stuhlberg’s to charm up your home, or the delectable caramel truffles and hot white chocolate you get at Chocolopolis, the place stands out with some exceptional stuff to try. All The Best Pet Care has got some lovely toys for your pets, while Once Upon a Time is Seattle’s exemplary store for children’s clothing and toys, encapsulating just about everything that a child store should offer. An impressively organized store for picking up any kind of games is Blue Highway Games. All this shopping is so close to Queen Anne homes for sale which makes this a very desirable area.

Of course, when thinking about Queen Anne homes for sale, one can’t forget everyday groceries. So, you have several options to look for: Trader Joe’s on West Galer Street, Safeway and as well as can enjoy locally produced, fresh fruits and vegetables from June to October at the Queen Anne Farmers Market.

This one-of-a-kind neighborhood has something in store for everyone, ranging from bright bars, lively restaurants, and places loaded with unique attractions in Lower Queen Anne to historic houses, peaceful parks, and vibrant shopping streets in Upper Queen Anne homes for sale. It won’t be an overstatement to say that if you are looking to go for a home that gets you some awesome returns for your investment, finding one of the Queen Anne homes for sale will make it all seem just so effortless and a home you will cherish.

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