Ravenna Homes for Sale

Ravenna Homes for Sale
Ravenna is a residential neighborhood located to the northeast of downtown Seattle and primarily accommodates students and professors at the University of Washington. This university along with an outdoor shopping mall forms the epicenter of this quiet neighborhood and is connected by the Ravenna Boulevard, the main road running through this area. Also, well connected to Green Lake by the Burke-Gilman trail, this locality is a great place to call home so take a look below at Ravenna homes for sale.

The area houses the famous Ravenna-Cowen Park which is also situated near the University village, and is one of the most popular landmarks of this area. Being so close to the city downtown, it is admirable how quiet and peaceful this neighborhood is and this is one of the prime factors why people are looking up Ravenna homes for sale more often than not. Well connected by road routes and with all kinds of necessities looked after here, it is a perfect place to buy a house, which could help ease your home buying stress and anxiety.

History – around Ravenna homes for sale

Named after Ravenna, Italy this neighborhood is lined with pines and cedar trees and has a lot of greenery around.

Ravenna was once an area occupied by the Duwamish Native American tribes who lived here peacefully till late 18th century. Reverend Beck brought about a magnificent change in this area after bringing about railroads to enhance business and economy while alongside transforming over 300 lush acres of forest area into Ravenna Township and Ravenna Park. This brought about a major change in the area gradually seeing a heavy influx of people for work and residence. Today this neighborhood is an urban haven of peace and tranquility and has a great environment and standard of living with great Ravenna homes for sale.

Around the area:

Landmarks – near Ravenna homes for sale

Ravenna-Cowen Park – Ravenna Park along with Cowen Park combined form a single unit Ravenna-Cowen Park which is one of the most prominent landmarks of this neighborhood. With an extensive area of 49.9 acres and 8.4 acres, they constitute as a popular spot for picnic, relaxation, hiking and many other fun outdoor activities. The main attraction of the park is the spectacular central ravine that flows through it. The park is accessible by motor able roads and the two segments across the ravine are connected by Cowen Park Bridge and Ravenna Park Bridge. The famous Ravenna Creek is situated on the West face while the southern edge has a trail which used to once be the active trail for David Denny’s streetcar line. The entire park is beautifully lined and decorated with fir, cedar and maple trees. The park that’s near Ravenna homes for sale also has a wading pool, battlefield, tennis courts and separate playing areas for kids.


Ravenna Creek – This creek is a stream which was once used as a gateway for draining the Green Lake into the Union Bay of Lake Washington. Feeding off north-eastern wetlands and various streams, this receding creek bed was recently daylighted a few years back. The creek used to extend and into a sewer grate and after the daylighting process the sewer connection which had the end of a trail opening into a soccer field was ceased and the creek bed was extended around an extra 650 feet in the south-east corner of the park. This end has a pipeline that runs a distance before gradually emptying in the University Slough. Ravenna creek, near Ravenna homes for sale, stands as a popular zone for outdoor enthusiasts who flog the region for hiking, camping, cycling etc.

Secret Garden or Ravenna P Patch – This not so famous, landscaped garden is difficult to locate and might confuse people as someone’s private backyard. The Ravenna P-Patch is basically eleven separate garden beds tended by eleven different gardeners and is well hidden behind a jeweled line of plum trees on the hillside. This camouflaged piece of mesmerizingly intricate landscape has gradually grown to become a must visit spot for most tourists or locals as it celebrates an amazing beauty with its tulips, daffodils, tomatoes and other gardening. Feel free to take a peek as you tour around Ravenna homes for sale.

Access to Ravenna – near Ravenna homes for sale

You are likely to see when looking around at Ravenna homes for sale that the area is well connected and very accessible by road routes as there are quite a few arterial roads passing through the neighborhood. Although there is no commuting access directly to I-5, it can be easily reached by taking 70th or 45th street. The well spread out network, fed by Sand point way, 15th avenue, 25th avenue, Ravenna Boulevard, etc. leaves the location of this neighborhood with Ravenna homes for sale such that it makes commuting to and from any part of Seattle very convenient, thus making it an excellent location for residing. Make sure when you are done reading about Ravenna to scroll down for the current Ravenna homes for sale on the market.

Culture – around Ravenna homes for sale

An academically inclined neighborhood, the area around Ravenna homes for sale is mostly quiet and peaceful, gives a very calming vibe to the entire area. There is not much diversification when it comes to life and lifestyle in this tranquil patch of homely neighborhood. The Ravenna Boulevard might give you a more Ivy League kind of feel but mostly the residents are University of Washington students, predominantly in the southern part of the neighborhood. University Village is a very modern shopping center catering to an immensely diverse group of people ranging from local students to upper class patron from not just the neighborhood of Ravenna homes for sale but even from downtown Seattle. Husky fans are also very common in this region and people who enjoy football can be found enjoying a drink or two with other husky fans on weekends or game days.

Schools – close to Ravenna homes for sale

If you have children and want them to grow up in peaceful harmony and a very welcoming social community and also not sacrifice on the standard of education, one of the Ravenna homes for sale might be a worthwhile option. It is important to buy a home in a neighborhood which has good schools in vicinity. NW Montessori School, Bryant Elementary, and Eckstein Middle School provide good educational standards and could be a great start for your young ones. Moreover the neighborhood is mostly resided by families with kids and that could really help in nurturing your kids in every possible way amidst a good community of people during his or her growing years. Education and society both hand in hand are crucially important to impart proper education as well as social skills and ethics and this is one more reason to consider Ravenna homes for sale when looking up neighborhoods in Seattle.

Hospitals – Ravenna homes for sale

University of Washington medical center is quite reputed and strong in catering to the medical needs of all locals in the area of Ravenna. It is within very close proximity of the neighborhood and that can be an important criteria when choosing a home. Medical facilities are often required and it is naturally advisable to ensure that any kind of medical emergencies no matter how big or small is addressed at once without wasting much time. Health is something no-one wants to risk and when it comes to family, it is better to choose one of the Ravenna homes for sale within close reach of a well reputed medical facility. Nearby Seattle Children’s Hospital is also comforting for most locals as the residents are mostly families and can tend to the medical needs of their young ones with ease too. Other than these two multi-purpose facilities, a number of clinics, spas and vet facilities are also nestled around the locality.

Check out around Ravenna homes for sale:

Pubs and restaurants – around Ravenna homes for sale

For a quaint and quiet neighborhood, the culinary options are very diverse and not at all easily exhaustible. The numerous varieties of cuisines and dining options are another favorable factor for looking at Ravenna homes for sale. The University Village shopping center itself hosts a plethora of food and beverage setups and attracts a huge mass of people every day. Excluding that, there are still innumerable options when it comes to drinking and dining around the neighborhood of Ravenna, Seattle. The Crepe Café & Wine bar is noted for its cozy environment and is a favorite for couples to spend some relaxing time away from home having a drink or two accompanied with a delicious range of top-shelf crepes. Sod House Bakery has made its mark in the field of desserts and is said to be one of the favorites of the locals when it comes to cakes, pastries and more. Bagel Oasis is arguably the best bagels around the Ravenna homes for sale and people come from near and far to pick up their favorite. Herkimer Coffee and Blue Dog coffee house are amongst other noted cafes and patisseries.

With a horde of cuisines to choose from ranging from Italian, to Thai and Mediterranean, Ravenna Park dining options will not disappoint you. With a plethora of different setups, ambience, décor, and dining menu, the dining options are well-suited for everyone from the local students to upper-class patrons. Harissa, Bai Pai, Wataru, Salvatore, Taste of India, Thrive etc. are amongst the more popular and most referred ones. The usual brands of Taco Bell or Papa John’s are also available all within convenient reach of Ravenna homes for sale.


Recreational Facility – near Ravenna homes for sale

Other than the myriad options of outdoor activities hosted by the parks and gardens around Ravenna homes for sale, there are a number of specific facilities catering to distinguished sports, hobby or other recreations so as to provide as much as possible to the wide diversity of likes and interests of people residing in Ravenna neighborhood. This fun and frolic is not just restricted to adults but also there are numerous options for kids of various ages to spend more time to their desired sport, hobby or other interests around Ravenna homes for sale. Dahl Park for skaters and Froula Park for family outings, camping and picnics have gained quite the attention in recent years. Little gym teaches kids dance, karate and cheerleading while there are other options for creative arts, yoga and usual play areas too. Needless to say, this stellar neighborhood and Ravenna homes for sale is a haven for families who look for a healthy and nurturing social life for their kids as they grow up.

Other things to do – close to Ravenna homes for sale

Being a small tranquil neighborhood, Ravenna homes for sale lacks wild and loud events and does not cater well to people who enjoy a happening nightlife. For party animals or people who thrive on adventures and a wild side of life, this neighborhood might not be the best of options. But that most certainly does not mean the community is not welcoming enough to people with different lifestyle choices. It is just that you will have limited entertainment options after a certain hour every night. But there are plenty of things to make up for it and it fits well with the overall quintessential vibe of the neighborhood. (If you find your dream home in one of the Ravenna homes for sale make sure to know how to avoid a Seattle bidding war)

Trust Cellars is very popular for housing myriad varieties of wine. For people who enjoy wine tasting or enjoy good glass of wine from time to time, this is a must visit in this neighborhood. There is also an art gallery for the art enthusiasts and frequent exhibits are held. Being very close to the Green Lake and Fremont neighborhoods, it is centrally located from a number of interesting and popular tourist spots and landmarks. The wide diversity in culture, lifestyle and social hobbies around the other neighborhoods around might make it difficult for a lot of people to adjust and settle in comfortably. But amidst all this bustle, Ravenna homes for sale is a quiet neighborhood free from the clenches of wild parties, bohemian lifestyle and quirky social art.

This family-friendly peaceful neighborhood caters to a wide range of options if you are looking for Ravenna homes for sale. From budget condos and townhouses to larger and more luxurious bungalow and craftsman homes, Ravenna’s real estate is well-tailored for everyone’s needs and necessities. Housing many students around the area, the prices of real estate properties can be quite within your budget reach and if you are looking for a house in a peaceful environment and a friendly community, for you and your family, you should look up Ravenna homes for sale at once!

Churches – by Ravenna homes for sale

The Ravenna homes for sale neighborhood has a number of churches within the area for you to connect to your spiritual side. A church is where you want to feel welcome irrespective of all the new faces and people. Ravenna United Methodist Church, University Unitarian Church, Messiah Lutheran Church etc. are some of the options when it comes to Sunday prayers or community services in Ravenna, Seattle. Along with Sunday prayers, choir practices and convenient parking facilities, churches in the neighborhood ensure that church goers don’t face any kind of hindrance.

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Searching Ravenna homes for sale and wondering how to go about buying a home in Seattle WA?  It’s important you understand the home buying process in Seattle WA but also how to truly find your dream home.  The above should provide helpful information in looking at Ravenna homes for sale but if you haven’t hired a top real estate agent in Seattle WA yet to assist you with your home search, contact me, and I’d love to discuss your real estate needs further!

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