Average Seattle Home Price & What That Gets You Around Town

Dave Hanson
Published on September 13, 2016

Average Seattle Home Price & What That Gets You Around Town


It’s no secret that home values continue to rise in Seattle and the secret must have got out that Seattle is a wonderful place to live. If you are looking to purchase a home here, you might be interested to know that the average home price in Seattle is currently $588,000. Your monthly mortgage payment for this type of home will depend on a number of factors, that includes: down payment, interest rate, loan term length, etc. If you google ‘mortgage calculator’ and input some numbers you can find a better idea of what your payment could look like but with some average numbers put in for a home loan of this type, one estimation is around $2,780/mo. (Note: The average 2-bedroom apartment rental cost is now $2796) Curious what you can afford? Contact us to help you find out this important information.

While $588k is the average Seattle home price, there are also condos and other homes available in and near Seattle for a fraction of this cost. View some of those homes here Queen Anne Condos For Sale (Condos currently starting at $179k) and Ballard Condos For Sale (Condos currently starting at $265k).

Curious what an ‘average’ home selling at $588,000 might get you around Seattle? Keep reading to see homes that have sold for that price, or lower, in the past few months, from around the different parts of Seattle.

  1. NW Seattle – Ballard Townhouse (1,230 sq ft) -Average Seattle Home Price- This 3-story, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, home sold this summer for the exact average Seattle home price of $588,000 and included a bonus loft space and garage. It also featured a very high walk score of 97 and is located on 20th Ave NW.   average seattle home price ballard-home-588-2 ballard-home-588-3 ballard-home-588-4 ballard-home-588-5 ballard-home-588-6
  2. NE Seattle – Ravenna Craftsman (1,920 sq ft) -Average Seattle Home Price- This beautifully updated home was originally built in 1926 and is full of charm. It sold in the Spring for $568,000 and features 4 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms and is even walking distance to U-Village. average seattle home price ravenna-2 ravenna-3 ravenna-4 ravenna-5 ravenna-6
  3. W Seattle – West Seattle Oasis (2,400 sq ft) -Average Seattle Home Price- This large, 5 bedroom, 1.75 bathroom home sold in West Seattle this Summer for $588,000. The home was built in 1960 and also included 2 fireplaces, views of the sound, a large deck, location close to Alki beach and MIL potential with a 2nd kitchen downstairs, perfect for an income apartment. seattle average home price alki-home-2 alki-home-3 alki-home-4 alki-home-5 alki-home-6 alki-home-7 alki-home-8
  4. S Seattle – Columbia City Craftsman (1,470 sq ft) -Average Seattle Home Price- This charming home just sold this month and for well over it’s original asking price of $460k at a final price of $565,000. It’s selling points were that it’s an updated 1910 Craftsman, with 3 bd/2ba, finished basement, converted garage, off street parking and is close to restaurants, public transportation, parks and more. average seattle home price columbia-city-2 columbia-city-3 columbia-city-4 columbia-city-5 columbia-city-6 columbia-city-7
  5. Queen Anne Condo (1,157 sq ft) -Average Seattle Home Price- If you’re looking to be a little more central to Seattle, $588,000 (the exact average Seattle home price)  was the selling price of this spacious 1bd/1bath condo, just last month. The condo home features central A/C and heat, 2 garage parking spots, private home on its own level, large deck, spacious rooms, private laundry room, fireplace and wine cooler.                                           seattle average home price queen-anne-condo-2 queen-anne-condo-3 queen-anne-condo-4 queen-anne-condo-5 queen-anne-condo-6 queen-anne-condo-7 queen-anne-condo-8 queen-anne-condo-9

To quickly recap and compare these homes, at (or below) the ‘Average Seattle Home Price’:

  • Modern Ballard Townhome – $588k, 1230 sq ft, 2bd/2ba
  • Updated 1926 Ravenna Craftsman – $568k, 1920 sq ft, 4bd/1.5ba
  • Large West Seattle Home – $588k, 2400 st ft, 5bd/1.75ba
  • Updated 1910 Columbia City Craftsman – $565k, 1470 sq ft, 3b/2ba
  • Contemporary Queen Anne Condo – $588k, 1157 sq ft, 1 bd/1ba


Enjoy finding out about the average Seattle home price and now curious what you can afford? Contact me: [email protected] or 206.686.7525, to help you get that valuable information and information for possible down payment assistance.

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Dave Hanson Home Team – Average Seattle Home Price & What That Gets You Around Town

Average Seattle Home Price & What That Gets You Around Town
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