Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle

Dave Hanson
Published on March 20, 2017

Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle


Watch the video or read below for all the Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle: 

Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle:
CON: Rain Seattle gets 149 days & 38”of rain a year.

PRO: We’re not even in the top 5 rainiest cities but the rain we do get makes it a lush & beautiful place to live.

In the US, Seattle ranks:
* 6th for most days of rain/yr
* 44th for amount of rainfall
(Portland & Pittsburgh both get more rainy days & rainfall!)

Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle:
CON: Grey Days Seattle gets 226 ‘days of heavy clouds’ a year (62%).

PRO: We experience all the beautiful seasons, have relatively mild temperatures year round (no harsh winters or summers), and only get an average of 6” of snow a year.

Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle:
CON: Crowded Seattle was the 4th fastest growing large city in the U.S. in 2015 and the greater Seattle area is home to millions, many who commute to work.

PRO: There are numerous reasons why so many people choose to live here. In 2016, Washington ranked 7th in job growth.
2016 job growth: 2.8%
New jobs in 2016:
Unemployment rate by year-end 2016:
Average salary in Seattle?

Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle:
CON: Traffic Seattle’s rush-hour evening commute is now the 2nd worst in the US.

PRO: Seattle has great public transportation options. Many commuters take the light rail, train, bus or a bike.

Living & working in Seattle can also save you from sitting in traffic for hours of your life & spending $$$$ on commuting expenses.

Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle:
CON: Navigating around the Seattle area and all it’s waterways can be confusing and frustrating, especially in times of high traffic.

PRO: All the waterways, lakes and sound make for beautiful views and excellent for boating, kayaking, paddle boarding and other fun water activities.

Rent is so high that the average monthly mortgage payment for a condo in Seattle is currently less expensive than the average apartment rent cost.

Condo: $395k or………………………………………………. ~ $1596/mo
(Based on average mortgage with 10% down payment but ask us about how to buy with only 3% down.)

Average Seattle Home: $595k or…………………………… ~ $2706/mo
(Average mortgage with 20% down payment)

PRO: Employers – The greater Seattle area is home to many great companies that are based here, including: Amazon, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Weyerhaeuser, Microsoft, Expedia, Alaska Airlines, Costco, Expeditors International, etc

PRO: Sports – We have some of the best sports teams and the best fans around:
Seahawks! Mariners! Sounders! Storm! Huskies!

PRO: Art – Seattle has a great art scene with over a dozen monthly art walks in different neighborhoods around Seattle. You can also enjoy a number of top-notch museums, including:
*Chihuly Garden & Glass
*Museum of Flight
*Seattle Art Museum
*Museum of Pop Culture (Formerly known as EMP)
*Museum of History & Industry

Nature – Many Seattleites are big into the outdoors because it’s such a stunning place to go explore the wilderness. There are many places a short drive away to go hiking, camping, boating, climbing, skiing, etc.

PRO: Coffee – There are 1,692 coffee shops around Seattle. From small local spots to the big guys, Seattle has a coffee shop to enjoy on nearly every corner.

Seattle’s housing market is expensive but is doable for many when you consider these statistics:

Average Salary needed to buy a home: $78,500 (~$1,829 mortgage – from Business Insider article)
Average household size: 2.06
Average salary in Seattle: $60,861

Food, Music, People, etc – Our team grew up in the Seattle area and could go on for days about all the wonderful aspects of living in Seattle: the seafood, the amazing restaurants, the live music scenes, the friendly people, the endless activities, and so on. For Current Events:

Latest Seattle Home Listings?

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Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle


Pros and Cons to Living in Seattle
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