Surprising Seattle Statistics Video

Dave Hanson
Published on October 27, 2016

Surprising Seattle Statistics Video


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Surprising Seattle Statistics: Must Know Information About Living in Seattle
Did you know?

Seattle was the 4th fastest growing city in 2015. (1.68% population growth rate)

1. Austin
2. San Francisco
3. Dallas
4. Seattle

Surprising Seattle Statistics

Cost of Living Index for USA
(Seattle Ties for 9th Place)

1. NYC 283
2. SF 279
3. DC 264
4. San Jose 230
5. Boston 230
6. Honolulu 228
7. LA 227
8. Oakland 222
9. Seattle 212
10. Chicago 212

surprising seattle statistics

Seattle Weather Averages

149 days/yr
38 inches

Average Hi:

Average Low:

6 inches/yr


The US average is 100 days of rain a year.

Seattle comes in 6th with 149 days.

Driest city: Las Vegas (21 days)
Wettest large city: Rochester (167 days)
Wettest town in US: Long Beach, WA (213 days!)


More surprising Seattle statistics:

The US average is 37” of rain a year. Seattle comes in 44th place with 38”

Portland & Pittsburgh both have:
More precipitation days
& more rainfall amount than Seattle!

… so who is the actual rainy city?

surprising seattle statistics

In 2010, ~ 31% of King County’s 1.9 million residents lived in Seattle.
2015 estimated population in Seattle was 662,400.
The rest of the millions living in nearby neighborhoods.
Many of which, commute into Seattle for work.


Seattle area has one of the highest concentrations of “mega-commuters”
(people that commute 90+ minutes & 50 miles one way to work)

Even drivers with just a 30-minute commute can expect 89 hours of delays each year.

Seattle’s rush-hour evening commute is now the 2nd worst in the US.


2 hrs of commuting every workday = ~ 552hrs/year

That’s 22 days of your life every year

& 110 days of your life after 5 years!


Living & working in Seattle can save you from spending :
Years of your life sitting in traffic!
Thousands of $$$$ in gas, insurance and car wear & tear!

surprising seattle statistics

Average salary in Seattle?

Average household size?
2.06 persons

Total household salary needed to buy a home here?
$78,500 (~$1,829 mortgage – from Business Insider article)

surprising seattle statistics

How old is the average 1st time home buyer?
33 yrs old

60% of 1st time home buyers are?


Current Seattle Averages

$24,372/yr or …………..………..…..… $2,031/mo
*Up 9.7% in the past year
*Rising 4x faster than national average
*80% higher than the national average

Average Condo: $395k or………… ~ $1596/mo
(Average mortgage with 10% down payment)
Average Seattle Home: $595k or ~ $2706/mo
(Average mortgage with 20% down payment)

surprising seattle statistics

Seattle Events?

Latest Seattle home listings?

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Thinking about moving to Seattle? The neighborhood I’ve called home for decades is Ballard:

Ballard is a lovely little community and neighborhood located in the Northwestern part of Seattle. It attracts singles and families alike. It’s grown a lot in the recent years and attracted new life and business to the area. For those familiar with New York, some have related it to being Seattle’s Brooklyn. For those not familiar, Brooklyn is New York’s most popular borough that is now some of the most expensive real estate in the country, even demanding higher prices over Manhattan.

Ballard, like Brooklyn, is very walkable, with delicious restaurants, stylish shops, a thriving art scene, great nightlife with multiple intimate live music venues, low crime, great schools and so much more. When looking at the Ballard homes for sale, it’s also important to know the population has grown 10.3% since 2000 and 3.3% since 2010 alone, now with 167,000 residents calling Ballard home.

To read the rest of the Ballard neighborhood guide or view current listings visit Ballard Homes for Sale. 


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