Top tips to save for a down payment

Dave Hanson
Published on June 14, 2016

Top tips to save for a down payment


Being a renter does have some advantages. No paying off the mortgage, no property taxes, and the landlord takes care of any maintenance and repair costs. However, renting your home does have one major drawback: You are spending money on rent without gaining any equity of the property. Would you like to buy and not sure if you are ready? You might be more ready than you realize. Check out from ‘renter to owner: are you ready’ or our First Time Home Buyer Webinar to learn about the process and steps to take.

Many renters want to own their home, but struggle to find the cash needed to make a down payment on a property.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by the website showed that a fifth of adults in the U.S. don’t use a savings account, while a third of those that do have zero funds in their account.

Below you will find some top tips to help you start saving and put aside enough funds to put a down payment on a home.

Set a target – Top tips to save for a down payment

Knowing how much you can afford to spend on a property is crucial to help you identify how much you will need to save for a down payment.

After working out how much you need to save, you should compile a detailed saving plan to reach your target. Having a target goal to reach will help you buckle down and start to put money away. You will find it hard to save if you try and set aside an unknown amount of cash for a down payment.

Work out your spending habits – Top tips to save for a down payment 

Go through your credit card and bank statements for the last few months to find out where your money is spent. You can then focus on the areas of spending you can cut back on.

Cut down on your cable bill – Top tips to save for a down payment

The average household bill for cable TV has rocketed in the last 5 years and now stands at nearly $100 a month, up nearly 40% from 2010. Unless you already have, cutting down on your cable bill is a great way to save money every month. If you just can’t bring yourself to cut the cord, you can talk to your cable provider and attempt to lower the bill and shop around for a better deal.

Get rid of your gym membership – Top tips to save for a down payment

Make the outdoors your free gym. Jogging, cycling and hiking are all great exercise and don’t cost a penny. If the weather is bad or you are already signed up for a year’s membership, most gyms offer a discount if you can get a friend to join. When you do buy, you might want to check out condos or houses in Green Lake Homes for Sale as the lake loop makes a wonderful place to exercise for free.

Downsize your current rental property – Top tips to save for a down payment

If you currently rent a one bedroom apartment, then downgrading to a smaller studio can save you hundreds of dollars a month. A smaller property also means cheaper utility bills.

Make some income on the side – Top tips to save for a down payment

Due to today’s technological modern world of mobile internet and smart phones, it is easier than it ever has been to make some money from a side job. If you own a car, then you have a huge advantage and can jump straight into work with opportunities like Uber and Postmates.

Get a high yield savings account – Top tips to save for a down payment

Leaving your savings in a checking account does not earn you any significant interest. Move your funds to a high yield account and get some interest on your savings.

Get a credit card with cash rewards – Top tips to save for a down payment

Drop the no frills credit card that you currently have and get hold of a credit card with a great cash back reward scheme. Credit cards that offer a reward scheme usually have a higher interest rate, so be sure that you make regular on time monthly payments to clear the balance.

Put aside your tax refund – Top tips to save for a down payment

It can be tempting to spend what you get back in your tax refund each year, but by putting aside any money returned you can make big steps to reaching your goal of affording a down payment. Also, it’s important to keep in mind after purchasing a home, you will enjoy 8 Tax Breaks for Homeowners as well.

Sell some of your stuff – Top tips to save for a down payment

Pick a day in the summer months with a forecast of good weather and throw an old fashioned yard sale. Post signs around the neighborhood in the days leading up to your sale and get online to promote it on Facebook and craigslist. The more promotion you do, the more people turn out, and the more money you make selling your stuff.

Sell your stuff online – Top tips to save for a down payment

Are some of your possessions valuable or highly sought after? You will probably get more cash by selling them online through eBay than you will at a yard sale. While, larger items of furniture tend to sell better on Craigslist. You can also check out your local consignment stores to see at, some of our favorites are on our list of Top Seattle Vintage Stores for Home Decor.

We hope you have enjoyed these top tips to save for a down payment and with this variety of tips, that you will at least find some that fit your lifestyle. Saving for a down payment can be a larger undertaking but when you are able to purchase your first home and invest in your future, it will feel all worth it. Also, you might want to keep in mind that condos make a great first home and can be an easier transition to go to from apartment living.

tips to save for a down payment

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Top tips to save for a down payment
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