Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

Dave Hanson
Published on May 27, 2016

Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle



Sometimes the best things in life are free. Grab your partner in crime or your best friend and get out in the Seattle area and enjoy some of these top 10 free dates in Seattle. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a budget or not, these are things you will want to check out regardless. Do be sure to also visit for more awesome events going on this month.

  1. Center for Wooden Boats – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

Free Sunday sails have been a tradition with the Center for Wooden Boats for 25 years now. Boat rides last around 45minutes to an hour and sign-ups start at 10am in person every Sunday, rain or shine. On sunny and warmer days, you might want to arrive early to get your spot. For full details on this Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle, go to

  1. Markets – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

Visit one of the many lovely Farmer’s Markets in Seattle or even the classic Pike Place Market. Enjoy strolling through and seeing all the beautiful fresh produce, flowers and crafts and maybe sample some produce or items from the food vendors too. Ballard Farmer’s Market on Sundays is year round and one of our favorites around the city. At Pike Place, you can also enjoy street musicians and performers or catch an inexpensive show at Unexpected Productions down in post alley. Their ‘Theater Sports’ Improv show is always a good time.

  1. Wine Tasting – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

Free wine anyone? Drive on over to Woodinville and visit Chateau Ste Michelle for a complementary wine tasting and tour behind-the-scenes of winemaking and increase your wine knowledge. The grounds and garden is also quite lovely so head over on a beautiful summer day. To plan your visit, see

  1. Books – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

The Seattle Public Library Downtown, also known as the Central Library’, is the flagship for their system. The building was designed by Rem Koolhaas and Joshua Prince-Ramus and is an architectural gem. It is 11 unique, contemporary stories of glass and steel with around 1.45 million books and other materials. If you haven’t been, it’s a treat to walk around and explore all the different architectural surprises and even if you have, head there with your partner or friend on this top free dates in Seattle and enjoy exploring some new, old books and materials together. Also, if you want to visit a massive bookstore, with a fantastic cafe, great customer service and selection, go check out the incredible Elliott Bay Book Company for a real treat.

  1. Parks – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

Do you enjoy getting outdoors? Of course you do, you live in Seattle! If you want to get outdoors but don’t want to have to travel too far. Consider going to one of the many beautiful parks in the areas and maybe even packing a picnic? Some favorites are of course Golden Gardens, Gasworks Park and Kerry Park for amazing views. If you want to stroll around and explore a little more the Arboretum and Kubota Gardens are also amazing choices. It’s hard to go wrong when visiting any of the parks around the greater Seattle area for one of the top 10 free dates in Seattle. Seattle is just such a beautiful place to live.

  1. Art Walks – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

Speaking of strolling around, why not do it while looking at some great art and potentially with complementary drinks (at select locations). The first Thursday of every month, Pioneer Square hosts a huge art walk from 6-9pm and all the galleries and many businesses stay open late and showcase local art. It’s a self-guided art walk tour so come and leave as you like and go at your own pace. Some garages even offer free parking during the First Thursday Art Walk too, which makes it truly one of the Top 10 free dates in Seattle.  Many of the neighborhoods around Seattle feature their own art walks as well for a list of those head to Seattle Art Walks.

  1. Museums – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

If you’re into Art but would like to see some more of the classic art in a museum setting. The Frye Art Museum is free every day to visit. A number of museums have certain days of the week or month that they are free as well so just take a peek at their website to find out but expect bigger crowds during those times. You can also check out this website that compiled all the information for you: The Henry Art Gallery is a smaller gallery with great exhibits located at the UW Campus area and has free admission on Sundays. To see what they currently have on display, visit:

  1. Olympic Sculpture Park – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

Okay, we know we already listed ‘parks’ as a top 10  free dates in Seattle idea but this park is really cool and deserves a little extra attention. It’s a 9-acre outdoor sculpture museum and beach that you can stroll around or jog along the water, have a picnic at or take a book too and just relax. It opened in 2007 and is definitely one of the gems of the city on a nice day. It’s also has beautiful views of the sound and is a very photography friendly location. For more information visit:

  1. Outdoor Movies – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

Starting in July and going through August, you can catch a movie outdoors at the Seattle Center. This year some of the movies include Mad Max, The Princess Bride and Galaxy Quest. For the full list visit: Since it is outdoors, it is weather dependent so cross your fingers for clear skies and take a blanket and get there early for a good spot.

  1. Capitol Hill – Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle

Capitol Hill can be a great neighborhood to just wander through. There’s a variety of shops and dining options as well as possibly some good people watching. The nearby Volunteer Park Conservatory is also great to visit year round and is open from 10am to 4pm, Tuesday-Sunday.

Hopefully, this has helped with some new ideas or reminded you of some old favorites. When the weather gets warmer it is such a great time to get out there and enjoy Seattle so don’t let it pass you by! With these great top 10 FREE dates in Seattle, there’s no excuse to stay home! It’s hard to know all of the top spots but these are some of our favorite free dates. Please share with us, what your favorites are! We always appreciate great referrals!

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Top 10 Free Dates in Seattle
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