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Wallingford is a wonderful neighborhood located in Seattle. Wallingford homes for sale is conveniently located south of green lake, north of Fremont, east of Aurora, and west of the University District.

There are plenty of pedestrian activities nearby. These include great little stores and boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops and more, all within the Wallingford homes for sale residential area and on the main 45th street. That is part of why this neighborhood really has a friendly and homey ambiance that a lot of people are looking for. When searching around Wallingford homes for sale, you might be interested to know, it also has great nearby attractions like the Woodland Park Zoo located in Phinney Ridge and bordering very close to Wallingford homes for sale.

Aside from that, you can also compare the Wallingford homes for sale neighborhood to a liberal college town– more like a University District, but it has an older feel. Although there are some students around the Wallingford homes for sale area, most people living in Wallingford also have established lives. A lot of young families are moving in and making Wallingford homes for sale neighborhood one of the high demand areas in Seattle.  Be sure to see Wallingford homes for sale to see all the different types of homes.  It is also the reason why the prices are also quite high, Wallingford homes for sale are in demand.  Another attractive quality of the area, is that the crime rate is quite low and so with the charming Craftsman bungalows, it is a great center for those who wish to settle in Seattle. After reading about Wallingford homes for sale and looking at the homes, make sure to come back to 10 Top Tips to Find the Perfect Home.


So, where did it all start? Well, the name Wallingford was taken from John N. Wallingford, and it was the first large addition in the north region of Seattle. In 1891, Wallingford homes for sale started as a thriving residential and commercial neighborhood in the north end of Lake Union. It became a classic ‘streetcar suburb’ when trolley tracks were laid in the early 1900s. It has been best known for the shops and restaurants in this wonderful area. You may want to stop in a few of these while searching the Wallingford homes for sale.

In Wallingford, there’s a street called Woodland Park Avenue N. If you’ll look at it on a proper angle, you’ll realize that area where the road has gotten thin, and beneath it, a red brick is visible. The reason why there’s an old red brick beneath that road is because during the early days in Seattle, a lot of roads were paved with cobblestones or brick instead of pavements.

Wallingford also has a small neighborhood paper, which was originally the North Central Outlook that eventually got combined with the University Herald. Now, it’s better known as the North Seattle Herald.

Here are some pictures of the neighborhood and examples of Wallingford homes for sale.

Wallingford Homes for Sale

Around town:

Attractions near Wallingford homes for sale:

Wallingford homes for sale is a great community and neighborhood with lots to offer it’s residents. When looking at the Wallingford homes for sale, make sure to take some time to check out some of its local attractions.


  • Gas Works Park (2101 N Northlake Way) – This nearly 20 acre park, is located on the north end of Lake Union. It is the former site of Seattle Gas Light Company plant and was converted into a public park for all to enjoy. At Gas Works Park, you’ll find big rolling hills, beautiful views of the city skyline and lake, old gas machinery equipment and sculptures. It’s a popular spot during the sunny months, for picture taking and especially for views of the 4th of July fireworks show.
  • The Guild Theatre (2115 N 45th St) -Built in 1919, this beloved theatre has gone through a couple name and owner changes. It is now operated by Landmark and features Dolby Digital EX sound. Francis Ford Coppola has been known to often choose the Guild to test audience screenings in the past. Beer and Wine are also now available for purchase and the Guild. Consider planning a visit here after a day of looking at Wallingford homes for sale.
  • Wallingford Center  (1815 N 45th St) –  Various retailers, services and cuisines are featured in this two level shopping center.
  • Food Giant / QFC  (4500 Wallingford Ave N) – A supermarket sign of the 1950’s became somewhat of a landmark in Wallingford when it spelled out ‘FOOD GIANT’ in giant letters across the roof. When the successor, QFC, took over, they used letters from the original sign to help create a new one celebrating the neighborhood ‘Wallingford’ after some encouragement from neighboring businesses and the community. When looking at the Wallingford homes for sale, it’s always a good idea to keep in mind the nearby grocery stores and QFC has good quality food.
  • Wallingford Library (1501 N 45th St) –  It’s the local branch of the library in Wallingford homes for sale.
  • Wallingford Playfield (4219 Wallingford Ave N) – Located at the south of the 45th street clinic, Wallingford Playfield has a large playground, and one can’t ignore the larger fields it also has. There are some days that there’s water in the wading pool near the elementary school, and the ice cream trucks make several rounds each day.
  • Good Shepherd P – Patch Community Gardens (4618 Bagley Ave N) – No, it doesn’t mean “pea patch.” The P in P-Patch means Picardo– the owner of a farm located in Wedgewood who decided to donate the city in order to become the first P-Patch garden on Wallingford. Although it’s a little small in size, don’t let that fool you; you’d be surprised once you discover what people are growing here. After searching Wallingford homes for sale and finding your dream home, consider joining this great community.

Wallingford homes for sale has a wonderful mix of been-here-forever places, as well as trendy spots, such as the Molly Moon’s ice cream. The busiest area is 45th street, and you can always see how jam packed it is with people flocking to different shops, bars, and restaurants. Though, the real main attraction in Wallingford are the old homes that have been brilliantly maintained so be sure to check out Wallingford homes for sale to see details of the homes. There’s a variety of people who live here and and if you are ready to move check out home buying tips for every generation.

Other Nearby Neighborhood Attractions close to Wallingford homes for sale

You will see when driving around looking at the Wallingford homes for sale that there are many wonderful attractions to the neighborhood but you will also likely see just how close it is to some other wonderful neighborhood attractions, such as:

  • Green Lake Aqua Theater – Although at first sight, the grandstand of Green Lake may seem lonely, the truth is, it can also be very lively whenever there are gigs happening in this outdoor auditorium that overlooks the lake. Back then, the theater’s big crowd puller was its Aqua Follies show, that’s better described as a kitschy water ballet. Though, aside from that, there’s also staged opera, jazz, and at the end of the tenure, a couple of legendary rock performances of famous bands.
  • Burke Museum – Burke Museum is located in the nearby University District. It’s a museum that boasts a remarkable stash of fossils, and it also has an equally compelling focus on a wide range of Native American cultures. They offer free admission every first Thursday of the month, and this museum is open until 8 in the afternoon.
  • Drumheller Foutain – The Drumheller Fountain is situated right inside the Geyser Basin, and it’s one of the few remaining pieces that was left during the 1909 expo.
  • Henry Art Gallery – The Henry Art Gallery is located at the corner of the northeast 41st street and 15th avenue. It’s a sophisticated area that showcases a remarkable exhibit of the renowned artist, no other than James Turrell.

Parks near Wallingford homes for sale:
Meridian Park – Meridian Park has large fields, a play area for the kids, and a basketball hoop. There are plenty of apple trees within the area too. During September, Frisbee and volleyball groups meet here.

Gasworks Park – Is a very popular park, as mentioned in the ‘Attractions’ section above.

As you explore, Wallingford homes for sale, you’ll see nearby are the Woodland Park Rose Garden, Woodland Park Zoo, and Woodland Park located near the northwest corner of Wallingford homes for sale. During Sundays in the summer, concerts are held in Woodland Park. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll even catch a samba band practicing during one of your visits. There’s plenty of wild rabbits in Woodland Park too.  This area is so close to so many things the city of Seattlehas to offer that it is hard to pass up not looking at Wallingford homes for sale as a possibility.

Things to Note:

Restaurants & Sweets close to Wallingford homes for sale:

If you get hungry when searching for Wallingford homes for sale, some of the popular restaurants include Harvest Beat, Tigerly Ox, The Grizzled Wizzard, Tilth, Yoroshiku, Joule, The Octopus Bar and Ivar’s Salmon House. When it comes to the salmon house, a lot of people describe this place as a typical restaurant where your grandparents would usually go to for a fancy night. However, it’s really more than that. It’s a Wallingford landmark, and you’d definitely agree once you have tried their ever famous clam chowder and fish & chips.

Fainting Goat Gelato – In Fainting Goat Gelato, they don’t serve your typical gelato. In fact, they don’t even use typical cow’s milk, or let’s just say, they don’t even use any kind of milk at all! The Fainting Goat is one of your specialty gelato places that throws everyone’s gelato preconceptions out of the window. It’s a family owned business that’s located in the heart of Wallingford. Based on the name, does that mean that every gelato being served here comes from goats? The answer is not all the time. It’s just a titular flavor, and definitely one of the must-try variations.  If you’re craving for something made from cow’s milk, rest assured that they also offer those.This shop isn’t far from Molly Moon’s Ice-Cream, which is also worth a stop when searching for Wallingford homes for sale, in the summer or winter.

Lately, food trucks are slowly becoming more and more popular in the Wallingford homes for sale scene. They usually announce their location via social media, and what’s good about these food trucks aside from being able to enjoy the best tasting food, they’re also cheaper as compared to a sit down meal and quick if you are running around looking at Wallingford homes for sale. You are free to choose from hundreds of mouthwatering recipes, such as southern cooked shrimp, savory pulled pork sandwich, or handmade gelato.

When looking at Wallingford homes for sale, homes that are closer to 45th st are more walkable than others to these fabulous restaurants but the whole area has a very high walkable score.

Buses by Wallingford homes for sale:
There are major bus lines passing through Wallingford that you can take to look at Wallingford homes for sale, such as the 26, 16, and the 44. One would never miss a trip, because these buses arrive several times a day, every day.

Churches near Wallingford homes for sale:

There are many options for churches in Wallingford and nearby that include:

St Benedict Church – 4811 Wallingford Ave N

Gift of Grace Lutheran Church – N 40th & Meridian N

Keystone Congregational Church – 5019 Keystone Pl N

Wallingford United Methodist Church – 2115 N 42nd St

Seattle’s First Church of Nazarene – 4401 2nd Ave NE

Calvary Wallingford – 3701 Burke Ave N

Elim Baptist Church – 2410 N 46th St

St Benedict Church – 1805 N 49th St

Seattle Taiwanese Christian Church – 5019 Keystone Pl N

Schools near Wallingford homes for sale:

Rest assured when looking around at Wallingford homes for sale that there are great schools nearby. These include public and private schools:

Hamilton Middle School – 1610 N 41st St

Roosevelt High School – 4400 Interlake Ave N

The Meridian School – 4649 Sunnyside Ave N

St. Benedict School – 4811 Wallingford Ave N

Cascadia Elementary School – 4400 Interlake Ave N

Seattle Waldorf School – 4919 Woodlawn Ave N

Small Planet Montessori – 2122 N 53rd St

This picture is of Hamilton Middle school in the middle of Wallingford homes for sale:
Wallingford_homes_for_sale (8)

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Searching Wallingford homes for sale and wondering how to go about buying a home in Seattle WA?  It’s important you understand the home buying process in Seattle WA but also how to truly find your dream home.  The above should provide helpful information but if you haven’t hired a top real estate agent in Seattle WA yet to assist you with your home search, contact me, and I’d love to discuss your real estate needs further!

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Wallingford homes for sale

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